*5 Reasons to Book a Saxophonist*

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*5 Reasons to Book a Saxophonist* | Written by Sam McGowan | Warble Entertainment

With a huge variety of musicians available to book for weddings it can be difficult to know where to start. Currently, one of the most popular choices for live music is the stunning musicality and soul of a saxophonist, so whether it’s been something you’ve pondered over in the past or it has simply never crossed your mind, here are a few jazzy benefits of booking the man (or woman) with the sax.

1. A walkabout musician

One of the great things about saxophone players is the ability to perform more or less wherever you like. Obviously bearing in mind the weather is on your side, but imagine basking in the sound of the sax out on the lawns of your beautiful venue or having your guests serenaded whilst enjoying an atmospheric drinks reception. Nothing beats a roaming musician so as long as they have a small portable PA system this is a definite winner.

saxophonist wedding drinks

2. Suitable for all musical tastes

When it comes to a saxophone player, it can be a little too easy to assume if you’re not into jazz then it’s not your thing but it really doesn’t just stop there. The sax can cover anything from classical jazz, your favourite pop tunes or songs to make you feel like you’re back in the land of Ibiza, so it’s fairly easy to find a saxophonist to suit your musical tastes.

Saxophonist outside

3. Multiple line-ups

A saxophonist can perform completely solo, with backing tracks or can even be accompanied by several styles of musicians so you really can let your imagination run away with you. It may be the case of adding in a little percussion, more brass players or even have them free styling the night away alongside your DJ. The possibilities are endless.

saxophonist wedding

4. Affordable

Having something a little different doesn’t always have to cost the earth. Depending on how long you want them to play for and where they are based, saxophonists start from around the £200 mark which on the grand scheme of things is a great investment in giving your day the wow factor.


5. Unique

Although saxophonists are becoming increasingly popular, it still isn’t something you see very often. With the saxophone’s incredible sounds it can create a stunning atmosphere that will blow your guests away and give them something special to remember. Not only do they sound amazing but the instrument itself is a thing of beauty and can add that extra unique touch to any room it’s played in.


So there you have it… 5 funky reasons for you to take the step into adding a little soul to your big day and create that ‘something special’ you may have just been searching for.


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