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We have some fantastic eco-friendly wedding inspiration lined up today with the fantastic *Paperless Wedding*



Wedding stationery can be a huge cost and not something that not all couples will want to prioritise. *Paperless Wedding* has created a fun and modern way to be wedding savvy with their fantastic range of online wedding stationery. There are so many benefits to using *Paperless Stationery* that it would be silly not to really! Please see below for more information as to why a paperless wedding is such a fabulous idea:

Eco Friendly | Organisation | Photo Memories | Saves Money

©PaperlessWedding | Formal Swirls Theme

©PaperlessWedding | Formal Swirls Theme

Online wedding stationery is the perfect way to help the environment, save money and assist you in managing your wedding with regard to guest lists and gift lists.

Having a wedding website is a great way for guests to access information about the wedding and with the *Paperless Wedding* two week free trial, this is the perfect taster for you to try out this wonderful service. *Sparkle Pearls and Lace* loves the idea of wedding guests being able to share their photos too – what a lovely way to collect everyone’s photos of your day.

©PaperlessWedding | Flowering Hearts Website

©PaperlessWedding | Flowering Hearts Website

There are a range of services that *Paperless Weddings* offer – please click below for more information:

Save the Dates | Wedding Website | Invitations & Website

Set-up is super quick and easy. There are a great selection of themes available to choose from to suit all wedding styles. Our favourite is the bunting theme – how pretty is that?!  To see their fabulous range of themes on offer, please see:

*Paperless Wedding Themes*

Or if you are feeling a bit more creative, then there is even an option to create your own theme:

*Paperless Wedding Theme Builder*

©PaperlessWedding Bunting Themes

©PaperlessWedding | Bunting Theme

The lovely Emma of *Paperless Wedding* has kindly provided today’s *Pearls of Wedding Wisdom*

*How did Paperless Wedding begin?*

It all began back in 2008 when we got married. We did the whole thing online with code that my soon to be husband wrote.  Then when we moved to New Zealand, he converted that code and made it a business! We launched the UK site in 2014!

 *How is Paperless Wedding eco-friendly?*

* We enable couples to be 100% digital when they send out Save the Dates and Invitations.

* For those who want to do recycled paper cards, we can save on additional paper by giving them a wedding website that they can design to match the invitation.

* We save trees, reduce peoples carbon footprints and save people money too!

*What are the advantages to using Paperless Wedding?*

* You can do it all online without intervention from us. You have 100% creativity and can take your time to produce your perfect site and invitation for your day.

* You can update your wedding website right up to your big day and use it afterwards to share photos and send thank you messages.

* You can track all your RSVP’s and see who has logged in and who hasn’t!

* You save a lot of money by going digital so you can spend more on your dress or put behind the bar!

*What options do you have available for couples?*

We have FREE save the Dates so people can let their guest know of the big event in plenty of time. If they like this, they can upgrade their account and their entire theme and guest list will be there. It is only £80 for website and unlimited numbers of invitations.

Wedding Website only option is perfect for couples who want to do paper as well as give additional information via a website, like accommodation details, things to do in the area, meal choices etc. This is only £50 for the year.

*How does set-up work?*

You can sign up for a 2 week free trial to see if it is for you. We have templates for couples to use if you don’t want to design your own theme. We have a setup wizard to help and lots of FAQ’s. We have tried to make it as simple as possible. Our current clients are from mid 20’s right up to 60!

*Are there a variety of themes available to suit a wide range of wedding styles and colour schemes?*

We have lots of themes and all can be customised. You can change the colour, the font and pictures to suit your big day.

*Please describe Paperless Weddings in 3 words*

Eco, creative and digital

*Why is a wedding website worth considering?*

You have so many things to do on the lead up to your wedding. People ask a lot of questions. By creating a wedding website you can share all the information about your big day so everyone knows what is going on and when. You can also share more about your engagement story and details about who is in your wedding party, so all guests feel like they know everyone.

*Is there technical support available?*

We are on hand to help out. We do this all via email.  We have tried to make sure all questions are in the FAQ’s! If you need to speak to me, I will always call if that is required.

*Are couples able to keep a copy of the save the date or invitation – would this be possible?*

This is something we are now working on. We hope to have a digital download of the site available to people by the end of 2015.

*What are your top tips for planning an eco friendly wedding?*

My top tip would be to use Paperless Wedding!!

* Also, have your wedding at one venue

* Try and get the venue to be eco friendly as possible in terms of recycling of rubbish etc,

* Keep it small

* Provide shared transport for your guests

* Use fairtrade products

* Get a vintage wedding dress

* Set up a charity wedding gift list

With huge thanks to Emma at *Paperless Wedding* for providing our *Pearls of Wedding Wisdom* for helping us to be more green and wedding savvy!

©PaperlessWeddings | 3 SHades of Blue Website

©PaperlessWeddings | 3 Shades of Blue Website


*Website: https://www.paperlesswedding.co.uk

*Email: info@paperlesswedding.co.uk

*Social Media: Facebook Pinterest Twitter


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