*A Perfect Parisian Proposal*

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Perfect Parisian Proposal

Today on *Wonderful Wedding Wednesdays* I am featuring a real bride’s engagement story, the first of our new *Perfect Proposals* segment, in which we see the LOVE stories behind the weddings. Tess, from Berkshire, will be sharing with us the proposal and her wedding planning experience. She will also be completing bridal tasks and reviewing her experiences with us in future wedding segments.

*The Proposal*

*Who: Tess and Peter

*When: Valentines Day 2014

*Location: Paris

Perfect Parisian Proposal

*Story: The couple had been together for over eight years when Tess’s finance Peter whisked her away for a romantic long weekend in Paris. They had the most wonderful time sightseeing and taking in the wonderful Parisian atmosphere. They visited Notre Dame, the Louvre, Champs Elysees, Arc de Triomphe, le Pompidou and ate lots of delicious food.

Perfect Parisian Proposal

*Proposal Take One: They had a spectacular experience of dinner at The Eiffel Tower and Peter had planned to propose at the end of the meal. Just as he went to get the ring, the gentleman on the table next to him got down one knee and proposed to his girlfriend! That scuppered plans somewhat.

Perfect Parisian Proposal

*Proposal Take Two: Peter took Tess on a romantic stroll with the lights of the Eiffel Tower beaming down upon them. Tess got the feeling he was going to propose when he was acting rather strangely. However, a group of street sellers affected the back up plan and Peter suggested they go back to their hotel, leaving Tess somewhat confused.

Perfect Parisian Proposal

*Proposal Take Three: Peter asked Tess onto the balcony of their hotel room, which overlooked the moonlit streets of Paris. He got down on one knee, she gasped, he asked the question, she gave the answer, sparkle was put on her finger and the rest is history! Third time lucky for a proposal but one unforgettable memory.

*Celebration of the engagement: Tess and Peter took in the stunning views from the top of the Eiffel tower and had a rather sophisticated tea complete with the infamous macarons at  Ladurée.

Perfect Parisian Proposal

Perfect Parisian Proposal

They also visited the Pont des Arts, a pedestrian bridge in Paris crossing the River Seine, where they engaged in the romantic modern tradition of ‘love locking’. Tess and Peter had their names engraved on a padlock, attached it to the bridge and then threw the key in the Seine locking their love forever.

Perfect Parisian Proposal

*Describe the proposal in 3 words: True to us (I LOVE THIS!!!)

*Announcement of the engagement: They announced the fantastic news to family and friends the evening that they got back from Paris. They  had wanted to keep their engagement just between them for their remaining time in Paris. Both sets of parents joined Tess and Peter for a family dinner the following evening to continue the celebrations, to reminisce on the fabulous proposal and to look forward to making wedding plans.

*Reactions to engagement: One mum dropped the phone, both mums squealed with excitement, lots of lovely cards and messages from friends.

*Remembering the proposal: Tess and Peter took lots of photos and have kept tickets and momentos from their Parisian proposal. They were given an Eiffel Tower memory book which Tess is planning to keep these wonderful memories in. Tess believes it is so important to keep these memories of your engagement as it is such an intimate, private and personal experience. She also mentioned that the engagement is just so special because it is a deep expression of love and is different to the kind expressed at a wedding.

Perfect Parisian Proposal

What *Sparkle Pearls and Lace* loves about this story: Tess spoke so passionately about the proposal that I felt as if I was there in Paris with her. I think the phrase that Tess used ‘true to us’ is just the essence of what an engagement is about  and everything about their trip to Paris reflected them as a couple. Peter had thought so carefully about the proposal and even when his plan had to be altered, he rose to the challenge with patience, dignity and grace.   Tess’s reflection on the engagement and the preservation of such memories is really lovely to hear as lots of brides rush straight into wedding planning and forget to take time to cherish the proposal and engagement. I really look forward to sharing more of Tess’s experiences with her.

Perfect Parisian Proposal

Thanks so much to Tess and Peter for sharing their special story – and wow what a story to tell the grandchildren!

Next week | The Groom’s take on the Proposal and Engagement

If you would like *Sparkle Pearls and Lace* to feature your proposal story, please get in touch.


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