*A Winter Wonderland Proposal*

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We have another beautiful love story today *A Winter Wonderland Proposal*

* Who: Anneka and Mark

* Where: Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park, London

* When: 3rd December 2011

* Their Story: Although Anneka and Mark met when they were very young at a gig in Birmingham, their relationship began in Year 13 of school. Music was a vital part of their relationship, as it was through their mutual love of a Ska band ‘Farse’ that they began communicating through the band’s forum. Anneka and Mark’s first date took place at the cinema in Birmingham city centre back on 3rd July 2006.

© Just Rebecca Photography

© Just Rebecca Photography

* The Proposal: Mark had hired a private pod on the ferris wheel at Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park, London. When they had arrived at the top of the wheel, Mark was down on one knee and asked Anneka to marry him. Anneka stated “Naturally I said yes!” What a lovely proposal!

Winter Wonderland Ferris Wheel

* The Groom’s Take: Mark had planned to propose for a few months but had decided to make the most of their time in London a few weeks before. He had told Anneka that he was working overtime whilst he was secretly shopping for engagement rings! (Super Sneaky!!)

* The Suspicious Bride: Anneka had felt a slight inclination that Mark might propose but he had worked very hard to convince her that it would not be happening for quite a while.Thus, Anneka was surprised at the top of the wheel when it did happen! Good work Mark!

* Proposal Love: Anneka loved that Mark chose to propose on a ferris wheel, as he has a fear of heights. Anneka stated “He was shaking to bits when we got to the top – partly because he was nervous and partly because of the height! I love that he tried to put aside his fears to create a special moment for me.” What a trooper Mark!!

© Just Rebecca Photography

© Just Rebecca Photography

* The Engagement Ring: Anneka’s gorgeous ring was selected by Mark before he proposed in London. Although they had glanced at some rings when passing jewellery shops and Anneka had stated roughly what she did and did not like – there was no formal conversation about the style of ring that she wanted. Mark got it spot on with his choice for Anneka – she adores her white gold cluster diamond ring complete with diamond band.

Anneka's Engagement Ring

* Describe the proposal in 3 words: romantic, personal, emotional

* Announcement of the Engagement: Anneka and Mark announced the splendid news immediately and Anneka’s excitement is just so endearing, “I was dying to tell everyone”. Anneka’s family had come to London with them but her mum was arriving later “When my mum finally arrived I told her first and then everyone else. There were lots of tears and excitement!” As Anneka’s dad and sister were not there, she rang and told them on the phone, “They were so happy; my sister burst into tears.”

Anneka and Mark engaged

* Reactions to the Engagement: Family and friends were so happy for Anneka and Mark and some even said “It was about time!!” Everyone was excited about the wedding!

* Celebration of the Engagement: Anneka’s family organised a meal to celebrate the wonderful news.They showered the happy couple with an engagement cake and gifts, and even decorated the room to make it a really special occasion. Anneka and Mark had a wonderful evening celebrating with their families and what a lovely way to remember your engagement in style!

Anneka and Mark's Engagement Dinner

* Remembering the Proposal: Anneka and Mark have kept all of their congratulations cards and mementos from their engagement party in a memory box which is filled with happy memories of the special time. Mark also rather splendidly gave Anneka a box frame for Valentine’s Day containing the ferris wheel tickets and the tickets to London. It also included the silk pouch which Mark had used to carry the ring round in; he had pinned the pouch to his jeans (What a wonderful thing to do – top tip for future proposers!!)

Anneka's and Mark's Engagement

* Best thing about being engaged: Anneka’s words here are just so lovely, “I loved the thought that I would spend the rest of my life with my best friend. I couldn’t wait to start planning the wedding and I was so looking forward to becoming Mark’s wife” I think that says it all!!

© Just Rebecca Photography

© Just Rebecca Photography

* Engagement Shoot: Anneka and Mark’s wedding photographer Just Rebecca Photography organised a pre-wedding photo shoot. The pictures were taken in Sutton Park as Anneka and Mark were getting married in Sutton Coldfield and they were delighted with their spring photos. These are just such beautiful photos which I am sure Anneka and Mark shall treasure. If you are interested to see more fantastic pictures from Just Rebecca Photography, please see http://www.justrebeccaphotography.co.uk/

© Just Rebecca Photography

© Just Rebecca Photography

* What *Sparkle Pearls and Lace* love about this: What a lovely story! I love the idea of a winter themed proposal and the view of London at the top of the ferris wheel must have been glorious when Anneka said yes. I admire Mark so much for going to so much trouble to keep the proposal secret and putting his anxieties aside to make a romantic gesture to Anneka. I also love all of the ways in which Anneka and Mark have cherished the proposal.

We will be showcasing Anneka and Mark’s super wedding day later this week.


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