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Today really is a *Wonderful Wedding Wednesday* and I am literally giddy with excitement to feature the balloontastic *Bubblegum Balloons*

Bubblegum Balloons

*Bubblegum Balloons* are THE balloon company that can transform a wedding into a spectacle!! The fabulous range of balloons that are on offer are just incredible and can alter a space dramatically if you want something fun, vibrant, unique and to add that wedding colour pop. If you are struggling for ideas for wedding decor, then look at some balloon inspiration *Bubblegum Balloons Gallery*.

Bubblegum Balloons


Their recognition says it all – they have been featured in several notable magazines, including OK! You and Your Wedding and on the Vogue blog. They have also provided balloons for lots of well-known companies, creating their balloontastic reputation.

Some of the AMAZING products on offer are:

(Please click the name if you want more info on any of these)

* Confetti Balloons

* Giant Balloons with Tassel Tails

* Balloon Centre Pieces

* Balloon Letters and Numbers

* Balloons in a Box



*Bubblegum Balloons* has kindly offered to provide today’s second *Pearls of Wedding Wisdom*

* How did Bubblegum Balloons begin?

Over a glass of wine of course!! Reality is we saw a little gap for our creative minds and we took it…the rest is history!

* Where do you get your inspiration from?

We actually get lots of inspiration from our customers, they often come to us with a request of something new and we work with them and often feel inspired by their ideas.

We are constantly developing our products and we know there is always room to improve.

* What can Bubblegum Balloons offer to couples?

Any of the balloons make a great extra touch to any couples wedding. Some of our favourites are the giant ‘Mr & Mrs’ and giant balloons lining the aisle, we also love balloon trios as table centres.

* If you had to describe Bubblegum Balloons in three words, what would they be?

Fun, Pretty and AWESOME!



* What different styles of balloons do you offer?

We do many styles of balloons and are always up for the challenge of finding new ones….

Our biggest sellers are the giant balloons with tassel tails and our clear confetti filled bubble balloons.

* How could Bubblegum Balloons feature at a wedding? How can they be personalised?

Bubblegum Balloons can be table centres, they can create an isle, be used as photo props, they are always a lot of fun on the dance floor at the end of the night.

We can personalise the balloons not only with bespoke colours but also with writing on the balloons… ‘Just married’ or table numbers work well.

* How could Bubblegum Balloons enhance your wedding photos?

They add a pop of colour or a soft background. They are a great way of creating a photo background.



* How far in advance of the wedding should couples order their balloons?

We always like lots of time if it is possible, however we can always work to tight time frames.

* Is there anything couples should consider when ordering balloons?

We try to really think of the space we are filling and make the balloons compliment that space.

* What are your top three tips for using balloons at weddings?

* 1 – Have the confidence to be different

* 2 – Make sure you have someone responsible in charge of inflating them on the day if we are not setting them up for you!

* 3 – Do them last – the fresher they are the better

* If you are not getting married but would love to use balloons – at what other occasions and how could you use them?

Bubblegum Balloons add a touch of sparkle to any occasion…Birthday, Christening, New Home, Hen Party, Christmas, Valentines, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, or simply Just because! :-)



With huge thanks to the lovely Sally at *Bubblegum Balloons* for providing today’s *Pearls of Wedding Wisdom*

I am totally in love with the giant balloons complete with tassel garlands and want to host a party, just so I can use these gorgeous balloons! And with Christmas coming, a balloon in a box is definitely on my Christmas wish list!

For more information about how giant balloons can feature at you wedding, please see *Bubblegum Balloon Weddings*

*Contact Information*

*Website: bubblegumballoons.co.uk

*Email: sales@bubblegumballoons.co.uk

*Social Media: Facebook Instagram Twitter


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