*Bespoke Cake Design with The Cake House*

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Imagination, Creativity, Innovation and the Wedding Wow Factor certainly come to mind when introducing today’s fabulous wedding inspiration…

*Bespoke Cake Design with The Cake House*

You will know by now, my great love for afternoon tea – cake is certainly my favourite thing! So when I see the work of an inspirational wedding cake designer, I do get rather excited. Having come across the amazingly diverse and unique wedding cakes designs of *The Cake House* I was super excited to be able to share this gem with my lovely *Sparkle Pearls and Lace* readers.

To see more about the fabulous products and services of *The Cake House*, please click below:

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The level of detail in *The Cake House’s* designs is just exquisite. When browsing through their website galleries, I feels that I have been transported to a whimsical, imaginative world where any cake idea can become a reality. Their creative and bespoke cookies would make wonderful wedding favours for your guests to enjoy. I have particularly fallen in love with their incredible cake toppers and especially the ones where the whole family are included, even the dog!



*The Cake House* website is so easy to navigate and is so helpful for considering options about wedding cakes.

*The Portions Guide* is particularly helpful for thinking about how much cake you will need for your guests.

*The Flavours Guide* is guaranteed to make you hungry – oh my gosh what an amazing array of flavours. I want the biggest cake in the world that contains every flavour on offer!



The lovely Sherry of *The Cake House* has kindly provided today’s *Pearls of Wedding Wisdom*

*How did The Cake House begin?*

Around 7 years ago I was stuck in a job that I hated, which literally made me cry on the way in to work!  I thought I would retrain to do something a little more arty, and it was a toss up between cake decorating and silver jewellery making.  I chose cake decorating as I thought there would be less equipment needed (ha ha!)  Anyway, it turned out that I was pretty good at it.  I started off part time, but pretty soon I had to go full time…and now I eat, sleep and breathe cake!

*Please describe The Cake House in three words*

Personalised Tasty Artistry

*What inspires you in your cake making?*

Anything and Everything!  I quite often wake up in the morning with an entire cake design created in my head!



*How would you describe the style of The Cake House?*

The style of The Cake House is most definitely DIVERSE!

*What can The Cake House offer to brides and grooms?*

The Cake House offers a professional and friendly service.  I really do pride myself on making unique centrepieces that don’t just look great, but also taste amazing.  I offer advice, bespoke design ideas and a perfect finish to all my cakes.  Brides and grooms are always welcome to come for a consultation, try some cake, and together we can come up with the perfect design for their big day.



*What makes The Cake House unique?*

 I love a challenge, and will come up with wonderful design ideas to suit ANY occasion. I also literally put my heart and soul into every cake that leaves my kitchen.  I will never say ‘that will do’, but instead make sure that every detail is perfect. 

*Could you please tell us about your fabulous range of wedding cakes and cupcakes?*

My cakes are completely bespoke, and I don’t have a set ‘range’ of cakes as such.  Instead, you can come to me with a big or small idea and I will turn it into something spectacular..and delicious! 

My cakes range from traditional to contemporary, with a whole lot in between.



*We love the idea of wedding favour cookies – are you able to design cookies with a particular wedding theme in mind?*

Oh yes, definitely!  I launched a range of wedding favour cookies last year, and they went down a storm!  You can decorate them beautifully to tie in with the theme of the wedding, and also personalise them to each guest with their names piped on for example.


*Could you please tell us about your lovely cake toppers?*

My cake toppers are completely bespoke.  They can feature the happy couple in any outfits that they would like (although wedding outfits tend to be the most popular).  I ask my couples to send me a good photo of themselves, and details of their outfits also, as the more information I have the better the toppers will be.  They are completely personalised, even down to eye colour and jewellery. 

Many couples also like to add their children or pets to their cake toppers, which make them even more personal and fun.

*Can couples meet with you for a tasting to discuss wedding cake options?*

Absolutely.  They have a choice of flavours, and I have a lovely long list of options on my website at www.thecakehouse.biz

*What should couples think about when selecting a wedding cake?*

They should think about the number of people they would like to feed with the cake first of all, as this will decide on the number and size of tiers that they need.  Flavours are also important.  When feeding large groups of people it is often better have something fairly simple such as vanilla, but maybe a smaller tier could be something a bit more adventurous.  Chilli chocolate maybe?? 

*Your range of courses sound fabulous – what do these involve?*

I offer one to one courses covering such basics as making roses, and small figures for cakes.  I often speak or demonstrate at group events also, which is great fun. 

*Which areas you do you cover for weddings?*

I will generally travel to wherever a cake is needed, but primarily find myself in the South East and London.



A huge thanks to the incredibly creative Sherry of *The Cake House* for providing today’s *Pearls of Wedding Wisdom* and sharing her fabulously unique designs with us.


*Website: http://www.thecakehouse.biz/

*Email: Contact

*Social Media: Facebook Twitter

*Blog: The Cake House


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