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We are talking pretty wedding decor with *Bunting Boutique* 

I just fell in love with *Bunting Boutique’s* designs when I came across them and the fact that their bunting has been used on *Downton Abbey* is just the icing on the cake! Bunting can really transform a venue and it compliments so many different styles of weddings. If you have large open spaces and want to add some character, then bunting could certainly do that or if you have an area that needs accessorising, such as a cake table or guest messages area, then garlands of bunting would be the perfect accessory.  *Bunting Boutique* certainly has the imagination, creativity, variety and passion to add that touch of bunting magic to your wedding.



*Bunting Boutique Highlights*

* Beautiful handmade bunting

* Bespoke, one-off pieces created

* A variety of colours and patterns available to match your colour scheme and/or style

* Personalised letter bunting or hand-embroidered letters options available

* Transform a space – bunting can decorate a wedding venue easily and beautifully

* Photo opportunities – how lovely will your wedding photographs be complete with bunting or if you have a bunting filled backdrop? They will be filled with prettiness!

* The ‘looking for something old, something new?’ service enables vintage linen that is sentimental to be made into bunting – a wonderful feature for a wedding.

* Wedding keepsake: imagine being able to feature your wedding bunting in your house – what a gorgeous memento!



Sue from *Bunting Boutique* has very kindly offered to provide our final *Pearls of Wedding Wisdom*

*How did Bunting Boutique begin?

I set up Bunting Boutique just before my daughter was born in 2009.  Coming from a textile design background and having a passion for all things vintage, it was a great way to combine all the things I loved.

* Where do you get your inspiration from?

I am always out and about at various vintage outlets and find these places offer a great sources of inspiration. I am a big collector of vintage wallpaper and love looking back at old designs for lovely colour combinations but most of the time, the fabric itself is a huge inspiration.

* What can Bunting Boutique offer to couples?

We love working with couples planning for their big day, we can match and compliment their colour schemes, we can make bespoke lengths to guarantee a perfect fit. We work with couples to create those finer details that help to make everything just right. When it comes to weddings, no idea is too grand or too subtle, it’s whatever makes them happy!



* What different styles of bunting do you offer?

We have many different ranges of bunting. Our classic range can be plain or patterned using the classic triangle shape. We have a paper range that is on a smaller scale but comes in several forms; wedding couples often like this style for a cake topper.

But we are probably best know for our vintage range, these pieces are very special as all the strands are totally unique one off pieces. By incorporating things like a crocheted doily, a gorgeous trim detail, or an area of hand embroidery, every piece has it’s own story, it’s own history, and we hope, a wonderful future!

* How could Boutique Bunting feature at a wedding? How can the bunting be personalised to the couple?

If you are planning a vintage themed wedding, then our vintage doily and linen bunting is the perfect accessory. These delicate pieces are just the thing to finish off special areas of the wedding space. We’ve used them to transform the signing table, the gift registry area and the Cake table for example. We often personalized vintage pieces for couples with Mr & Mrs, Just Married, Welcome, Congratulations etc

We also offer a “Looking for something old, something new?” service where we will transform your loved and cherished old linen into a beautiful garland, to decorate your wedding space, and to serve as a long-lasting reminder of your big day.

If Vintage is not your thing we can make bunting to fit in with any theme using our bespoke service.



* What wedding style and themes can bunting be used with?

Our most popular brief is the “Vintage Tea Party” using beautiful spots and floral but we can change colours/patterns and create totally different looks that will enhance any theme on a couple’s day. You would be surprised what we can come up with just giving us your brief.

* What types of venues does bunting work well with? Whereabouts can it be featured?

What venue does not look fab with a bit of bunting hung up?! It can help draw all the colours and themes together and create an instant party feel. To date we have dressed marquees, barns, pubs, church halls, fields, tents, tepees, hotels even a castle!



 How can bunting from Bunting Boutique enhance your wedding decor and photos?

There is no doubt that using bunting at your wedding can just that special bit of magic into your venue and photos by giving you a backdrop which can reflect your personality.  It is also something you can keep forever to use at future parties, decorate your child’s bedroom or even give to guests as a reminder of the day.

 * How far in advance of the wedding should couples order their bunting?

We have couples that order a year in advance and other that get in touch a few weeks before their big day, we do our best to keep all clients happy but to be safe I would always say 2 month in advance around busy times would be great.

  * What should couples consider when ordering bunting?

 Colour, pattern if any, if they have a theme to work to and always lengths of each strand. 



 If you are not getting married but would love to use bunting at another type of event – at what other occasions could you use it and in what ways?

We provide bespoke bunting for many events other than weddings, parties, corporate events, small businesses, Children’s bedrooms, Christenings, launch parties, photo shoots, photographers props, shops, food festivals and TV. We were very lucky to provide the bunting that was used on series 4 of Downton Abbey.

*Sparkle Pearls and Lace* just adores *Bunting Boutique* and their fabulous bunting designs. With huge thanks to Sue at *Bunting Boutique* for providing today’s *Pearls of Wedding Wisdom*.

* Prepare to be wowed with beautiful bunting, please see the *Bunting Boutique Gallery*

* For more information about how *Bunting Boutique* could feature at your wedding, please see *Bunting Boutique Weddings*

* To make a purchase, please see *Bunting Boutique Shop*

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