*I Do With An Oxfordshire View*

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Today on *Wonderful Wedding Wednesdays* we have another gorgeous proposal story *I Do With A View*.

* Who: Katherine and Andrew

* Where: Oxford – on top of the top of a hill in Garsington with stunning views over Oxfordshire

* When: 20th June 2014 – on Katherine’s last day of her PGCE course

* Their Story: Katherine met Andrew on her first day at Durham University when Andrew was assisting with freshers week:

“Andrew was demonstrating true chivalry as he helped all the (female) freshers carry their big bags up to their rooms. Apart from finding Andrew attractive, I didn’t really speak to him for a couple of weeks. However, as the term went on, Andrew and I kept finding reasons to be in the same place at the same time. He offered to lend me some UV fancy dress for a night out. I went back and dropped it at his room (making sure I looked my best) and we ended up chatting for two hours. A few weeks later Andrew eventually plucked up the courage to invite me for a drink and the rest is history!”

* The Proposal: Katherine had finished her last day of PGCE course and was enjoying leaving drinks with the staff when Andrew said that he was en route home for the weekend and could stop off via Oxford. Katherine was able to leave and meet Andrew in Oxford, where he took her to The Old Parsonage, her favourite restaurant. Katherine stated, “I was slightly suspicious but he cunningly disguised it as an end of PGCE celebratory meal”.

Katherine and Andrew's Proposal

They had such a lovely evening and Andrew suggested that they go back to Katherine’s. They decided to drive back on their own special route that involves a climb to the top of the hill in Garsington where a beautiful church resides. They climbed the hill, walked over to the charming church and sat on a bench for a little while.

I shall let Katherine fill you in on the rest…

“When we came round the corner, there was a picnic blanket with champagne, strawberries, white roses (my favourite!), iced gems and a small box (he had got my uni friend to set it out and then run). Andrew had also completed a scrap book that I had made him over the last four and half years. As soon as I saw this sight I started to feel quite emotional and Andrew dived straight for the ring (which was incredible!). He said some lovely things and I was so overwhelmed I got all my words muddled up and said ‘With every doubt it’s a yes’ when I meant ‘Without a doubt it’s a yes!’. So we had a moment of confusion but quickly realised it was a resounding ‘YES’!”

Aww we are tearing up here, what a thoughtful and lovely way to propose. Excellent work Andrew! And we love Katherine’s endearing response, very sweet indeed!

Katherine and Andrew's Proposal

* The Groom’s Take: “I had decided in South Africa where we had been over Christmas that I knew I wanted to marry Katherine. It was now just a matter of when to propose. I got the diamond in South Africa but knew the time wasn’t quite right. I actually had two other occasions when I nearly proposed but for different circumstance it didn’t work out! So this proposal was only decided the day before!”

* The Unsuspicious Bride: Although Katherine knew that marriage was something that would happen, she certainly was not expecting a proposal on this day “We had been going out for four and a half years so I was hoping it wouldn’t be too long! But because he had told me to keep the weekend after free I was completely thrown off course.”

Katherine and Andrew's Proposal

 * Proposal Love: Katherine stated, “I loved that is was a surprise and how personal and special it was. I loved that no one else was around and that it was our special moment.”

Katherine and Andrew's Proposal

* The Engagement Ring: Katherine has a simply stunning engagement ring – an 82 point round diamond solitaire set in a delicate 18c yellow gold band. Katherine and Andrew had discussed engagement rings but not explicitly. Although, she made sure he got one thing right…

“I had just dropped big hints that I would like a big diamond!”

Katherine and Andrew's Proposal

* Describe the proposal in 3 words: Sentimental, Elegant, Romantic

* Announcement of the Engagement: They decided to have a couple of hours after Andrew’s wonderful proposal to cherish the moment themselves and soak up all of the excitement. After this time, they rang their immediate families to tell them all the exciting news. This was followed by a visit to Katherine’s parents house who live nearby, “They were waiting with champers!” After the initial celebrations, Katherine and Andrew then spent time phoning other family members and friends and then announced it on Facebook.

Katherine and Andrew's Proposal

* Reactions to the Engagement: All of their family friends were overjoyed at the wonderful news, Katherine added:

“I was overwhelmed by how excited everyone was! I was so touched by how enthusiastic and keen people were to hear the story and celebrate with us.”

Katherine and Andrew's Proposal

 * Celebration of the Engagement: Katherine and Andrew celebrated their delightful news “with lots of champagne and laughter!” Sounds a pretty good plan to us! They had a meal with Katherine’s family and a meal with Andrew’s family, topped off beautifully with a fabulous and fun engagement party for all of their friends.

Katherine and Andrew's Proposal

 * Best Thing about Being Engaged: “The realisation that I would be spending the rest of my life with Andrew”, as Katherine beautifully put it.

Katherine and Andrew's Proposal

* Engagement Shoot: Katherine and Andrew did not have an engagement shoot after their proposal but are considering one now they have a wedding photographer sorted.

* Remembering the Proposal: Katherine made an engagement scrapbook filled with special things to remind them of this wonderful time, including congratulations cards, photographs and receipts to capture all of their memories.

* What Sparkle Pearls and Lace love about this: What a truly lovely story and the fabulous photos just show how in love Katherine and Andrew are and what a wonderfully special time this was for them both. The location and setting of the proposal was marvellous and it is so lovely to hear that Katherine was genuinely surprised. Katherine’s ring is just beautiful and don’t they make a gorgeous couple?! I also love what a spectacular celebration they made of the engagement with family and friends, and it is so nice to hear of an engagement party too, something which is often not done nowadays. I really love how Katherine has scrapbooked all of her’s and Andrew’s proposal and engagement memories too, that will be something to remind them of this very happy time in the future.

Thank you so much to Katherine and Andrew for featuring their fantastic proposal story, we just love it and know the wedding will be absolutely stunning!


Klee x

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