*Popping The Question with Aurus Diamonds*

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We have the sparkliest and glitziest engagement inspiration today…*Popping The Question with Aurus Diamonds*

I often get asked by many people for tips on choosing engagement rings but as much as I love to look at and wear ring sparkle, I am no diamond expert! Fortunately for you lovely *Sparkle Pearls and Lace* readers, I have some diamond experts on hand to provide us with the ultimate guide to engagement rings…*Aurus*

There are so many jewellers out there offering engagement ring services but for me, *Aurus* truly is ‘the diamond in the rough’. What I love about Aurus Diamonds is the bespoke and personalised service that they offer. From their website alone, I was astounded at the level of advice, guidance and help that they offer to their potential clients in choosing engagement rings. 

And from their guide to engagement ring shopping today, it is clear to see that *Aurus* is much more than just a sale of a diamond. They aspire to help shape this momentous occasion with their patience, expertise and great attention to detail. Aurus diamonds only specialise in engagement, wedding and eternity rings, which means that their service is totally tailored to all things bridal. Buying an engagement ring from *Aurus* will guarantee you fantastic guidance, a beautiful ring and one very happy partner!

The selection of engagement rings that *Aurus* offers is just exquisite! The only problem you may have is that there are so many beautiful rings to choose from, you may find it hard to choose!

To see their fabulous range of rings, please see *Aurus Engagement Rings*



The fabulous Aurus team have created the ultimate guide to engagement ring shopping:

*How did Aurus begin?*

Aurus began in 2012 when three guys who were ring manufacturers saw a gap in the market that hadn’t yet been filled. A destination store for engagement, wedding and anniversary rings for those very much in love. The only jewellers available to the public were those selling all ranges of jewellery including watches and necklaces, but their range of rings were very limited. Aurus was created to offer customers premium service and choice in a niche market to make what is a very emotional purchase, a more personal experience.

*Please describe Aurus in 3 words?*

Leading ring specialists

*Why should proposers/couples choose Aurus for selecting the engagement ring?*

Above everything else, Aurus have over 1,500 styles of rings which is the largest in the UK. Every customer purchasing from Aurus has left extremely satisfied they have seen enough styles to find the one right for them. Additionally, all rings are made from only precious metals which are designed to last for a lifetime.

*What can Aurus offer to proposers/couples looking to buy an engagement ring?*

The Aurus service is what makes them the leading specialists in the UK. The sales staff understand that for many people, an engagement ring is a first time purchase that comes with a lot of emotional value and cost. Therefore every customer who purchases from Aurus is able to understand exactly what they are buying and have the pleasure of choosing from the vast collection a style that is right for them and their partner. Additionally, Aurus offer fantastic advice and service for future purchases when the time comes to buy a wedding and eternity ring. No customer wants to feel like they are asking a silly question so Aurus go to great lengths to cover all aspects of this extremely important purchase.



*What factors should be considered when choosing an engagement ring?*

Setting a budget is key to choosing the right engagement ring. The bulk of the value is in the centre stone so understand exactly what you are buying when it comes to diamonds or other precious stones. Aurus also recommends understanding the general style of their partner as this is a ring that they will wear for the rest of their life so it has to represent who they are as an individual.




*What are your top tips for choosing the perfect engagement ring?

Know your budget – There are many different opinions on the amount that you should spend on an engagement ring, when all is said and done it is completely your decision, the commonly referenced guideline is 2-3 months wage. At Aurus we pride ourselves on the fully customisable possibilities to our ring designs, they are available in a any shape or sized stone, with this spectrum of price possibilities it means that any design that you love will be unique and tailored to your budget.

Do not leave it too late – Make sure you leave plenty of time to choose the ring, you may find that more than one appointment is necessary so allow for 2 weeks to finalise your decision, you will want to consider the designs and ensure that you’re choosing the right design. From deciding on the design and proceeding with the order your ring will take approximately 6-8 weeks to be made to your exact specifications by the workshop.

Seek expert advice  – Allow Aurus to guide you through the entire process from beginning to end. Our sales specialist’s and in-house designer are on-hand to provide the best advice with regards to every aspect of the engagement ring, they will be able to demonstrate the designs best suited to you through their discussions, whilst also recommending the size and quality of stones best suited to your budget.



How can proposers ensure they choose the right engagement ring for their price range?

 There are two aspects to an engagement ring – the band and the centre stone. The band is what sets the ring apart from others but the stone is where the sparkle will come from. The priority is to know your budget and work from there. Then it is recommended to choose the style of the band, whether it be something traditional like a plain band or with diamonds on it. After this choosing the right centre stone that is comfortable in your budget. At the point of choosing the right stone, aspects to consider are different stone shapes, carat weight and flawlessness within the stone amongst others. 



Does the proposer need to know the ring size of the proposee? If so, do you have any tips on how to find the ring size?

There are ultimately various ways of finding out their partners ring size but use the one which is most likely to get the most accurate size without giving any hints away! Examples of what previous customers have done is use their baby finger as a rough idea of the right size, as well as asking mothers, friends, sisters if they have any idea of their size. Additionally it is also possible to get a bit of ribbon to wrap around their finger whilst they are sleeping but this is a little risky. Aurus are easily able to resize the ring after the proposal and it only takes a few days so it is not such a huge necessity to make sure it is perfect.



Could you please tell us about the Four C’s and how the proposer could use this to purchase the engagement ring?

The four C’s are Carat, Clarity, Colour and Cut. Each ‘C’ changes the value of the centre stone, and contrary to what many people assume, size is not the only factor when a stone is priced. Each stone is unique with their own characteristics and therefore some are more sought after than others.

Carat: Although normally used to describe a stones size, carat is in fact a unit of weight. Dimensions will vary depending on its cut.

Cut: Cut is the only artificial factor that affects the value of the diamond. A diamond cutter will cut the stone to try and gain the most sparkle and fire from a rough, but some cuts are better than others.

Colour: Diamonds occur naturally in all colours of the rainbow. The less colour a diamond has, the more rare it is and higher in value (apart from fancy colours) Diamond colours are grouped in grades with colourless and near colourless most desired.

Clarity: Clarity is a measure of how many natural imperfections exist within a diamond. These occur during the natural formation of a diamond and many are microscopic. Experts refer to these tiny imperfections as inclusions or blemishes.

At Aurus we also like to refer to a ‘fifth’ C, that being Confidence, we are committed to only selling ethically sourced diamonds that are conflict free, and take pride in supporting the Kimberly process. Our diamonds go through strict control procedures to ensure they come from legitimate sources.

We have full descriptions in our Aurus Buying Guide which can be found here: http://www.diamondandweddingrings.com/buying-guide.html?



*Aurus Engagement Ring Collection*

With hundreds of styles of engagement rings with any centre stone of the customer’s choice the collection has virtually everything. Whether it be a classic solitaire or a vintage style diamond band with a halo of diamonds around the centre stone, Aurus have a range of styles from classic, to modern, to elegant and vintage. If there is still not a ring from the entire collection that is right for our customer, there is a bespoke service where Aurus can create a ring from scratch. So it is virtually infinite what Aurus can offer with engagement rings.

All our engagement rings are available in Platinum, Palladium, 18K Gold, in white, yellow and rose, with a mixture of gold colours also available. We are diamond specialists when it comes to rings, and the samples that we have in our showroom. However, our designs are available in any chosen central stone, cut or colour. We have an in-store stone guide, whereby you can view different cuts, colours and sizes available to you, enabling you to get the best depiction of how the tailored ring will look like when you receive it.



*Do you have any advice for how one should look after an engagement ring?*

* Take off your jewellery, especially rings, when doing household chores or gardening. They could become damaged by knocking out stones or coming into contact with abrasive materials, which discolour metal.

* Settings can get clogged up with soap and hand cream. Take jewellery off before washing hands and using cream.

* Wear jewellery as much as possible as this keeps the metal bright.

* Clean your jewellery periodically. An old soft toothbrush is ideal to get into any difficult nooks and crannies with warm soapy water or purchase jewellery cleaning fluid from your jeweller.

* Regularly clean your jewellery to keep it in tiptop condition, at least once a month. When cleaning jewellery use the proper manufactured solution which can be bought from most jewellery outlets or dip them in a bowl with warm soapy water giving them a gentle stir and finishing off with an old soft toothbrush. Dry them with a soft cloth. Do not poke about under stones as this can dislodge them from settings.



*How is Aurus committed to ethical trading?*

Every diamond over 0.30ct comes with certification from one of the top three independent grading labs in the world. Aurus work with GIA, the leading diamond grading laboratory in the world, who track the diamonds journey from the source to the consumer with a unique number laser engraved on the diamond so it is possible to see exactly where the diamond is sourced. A majority of Aurus’ diamonds are sourced from USA, Canada and France.

Aurus are committed to stopping the trade of blood diamonds by supporting the Kimberley process which is a global organisation committed to actively stopping the trade of blood diamonds

A HUGE thank you to the wonderful at *Aurus* for providing this considered and comprehensive guide to engagement ring shopping. It is so fantastic to get such expert advice and guidance.


*Website: http://www.diamondandweddingrings.com/

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*Telephone: 020 7253 9522

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