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We have the most fabulous of hen parties on the blog today with *Rock My Shoes*.

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I am always on the look out for unique and lovely hen party ideas and when I came across *Rock My Shoes* at a hen party I attended earlier this year, I was in total heaven; it combined two of my favourite things, shoes and sparkle! Nicky is super lovely and her neverending cheer is just the kind of addition that every hen party needs! She demonstrates various techniques and designs and is on hand to assist you in your shoe customisation. All materials are included, so all you need to bring with you is a pair of shoes that you want to decorate with a touch of sparkle.

©Nicky Rox | Rock My Shoes Workshop

©Nicky Rox | Rock My Shoes Workshop

Workshops are available in various locations including:

 Bath | Birmingham | Bournemouth | Brighton | Bristol | Cardiff | Chester | Leeds | London | Manchester | York

A mobile service is also available.

There are now various workshops on offer which suit an array of hen party styles:

Rock My Handbag | Rock My Comic Book Shoes | Rock My Converse | Rock My Shoes | Rock My T-Shirt | Rock My Wellies

©Nicky Rox | Rock My Shoes Workshop

©Nicky Rox | Rock My Shoes Workshop

If one of these fabulous workshop does not work with your hen party plans, then perhaps a *Pimp My Pumps Shoe Kit* is for you! A great value DIY option, perfect for the crafty bride, of which you will receive a comprehensive shoe kit that would make a great hen party activity.

shoe kit

©Nicky Rox | Pimp My Pumps Shoe Kit

Today’s *Heavenly Hen Wisdom* comes from the fabulous Nicky Rox of *Rock My Shoes*:

*How did Rock My Shoes begin?*

*Rock My Shoes* was a development of my existing shoe customisation service for bespoke orders. It all began when I was on a stand at a bridal fair in Poole and another stallholder suggested I teach my customisation skills as a new craft workshop. She explained how she had been looking herself for creative ideas for her own hen do recently and had chosen a full day of flower arranging with afternoon tea. It didn’t appeal to me initially and I looked around to see if there were other shoe customisation workshops that existed. I couldn’t find anything on the internet and so gave it some serious thought.

I began by concentrating on new designs which could be taught and re-created in a timescale of 2 hours, a popular working time for concentration. I needed to think about simple techniques that everyone can understand and a step by step format. I also wanted to offer shoe designs that are funky or classy and relevant to current fashion trends. I began with teaching four shoe workshops in Bournemouth in order to gauge public response and individuals’ enjoyment. I did make relevant changes on the back of this trial to run the workshops more effectively and to a slick timescale.

©Nicky Rox | Rock My Shoes Workshop

©Nicky Rox | Rock My Shoes Workshop

*Please describe Rock My Shoes in 3 words*

Unique, Creative, Professional

©Nicky Rox | Rock My Shoes Workshop

©Nicky Rox | Rock My Shoes Workshop

*What can Rock My Shoes offer to brides to be and hens?*

*Rock My Shoes* offers brides an opportunity to relax. She will not be the focus of ‘lets make fun of the bride’ or made the centre of attention to try something in front of the group. The workshop is taught to the ‘group’ at all times and the bride does get extra attention just to make sure she is enjoying herself. The hens are all spoken to individually so that everyone really feels valued and part of the experience.

©Nicky Rox | Rock My Shoes Workshop

©Nicky Rox | Rock My Shoes Workshop

*What is unique about Rock My Shoes?*

It is the first shoe customisation workshop of its kind. It is also developed and taught by a qualified shoe designer who has several university design awards and has worked in the shoe industry designing men’s, ladies and children’s footwear. *Rock My Shoes* will try to reach all towns and cities and always offers to arrange function room hire for you. Nicky Rox travels around the UK providing a mobile service and she will arrange function room hire, afternoon tea and welcome cocktails providing you with an event management service too.

©Nicky Rox | Rock My Shoes Workshop

©Nicky Rox | Rock My Shoes Workshop

*Could you please tell us about your different craft workshops?*

Originally starting off with just one workshop for all shoes styles, there are now SIX workshops to choose from.

These are Rock My Shoes, Rock My Handbag, Rock My Converse, Rock My T-Shirt, Rock My Wellies & Bikini and Rock My Comic Book Shoes.  You bring along the item as in the description theme to customise, but there is always added flexibility so that members of the group can bring an alternative item more suited to them. The Welly Workshop is perfect if you want a festival theme to your hen weekend.  Some girls have brought along a bikini too and added crystal wording too!

©Nicky Rox | Rock My Shoes Workshops

©Nicky Rox | Rock My Bikini Workshop | Rock My Wellies Workshop

The Rock My Comic Book Shoes and Rock My T-Shirt workshops are taught by experienced artists and highly recommended by Nicky Rox.

*Your party packages sound fab! Could you please give us some more info on these?*

After choosing your preferred Craft Workshop, there are 3 party packages created to suit everyone’s needs:

©Nicky Rox | Rock My Shoes Workshop

©Nicky Rox | Rock My Shoes Workshop

*Party Package One*

The Marilyn Monroe (The Whole Package 4 hours) has it all, so if you are a party organiser looking to keep a group of people entertained with Afternoon Tea (or a buffet), cocktails and a craft activity this is perfect and the venue hire is sorted for you too in any town or city of your choosing.  You can bring as many shoes, bags, boots and accessories as you wish, as there is unlimited use of a treasure trove of crystals, pearls, metal adornments to choose from! The bride-to-be or birthday girl is also treated to a gorgeous satin sash with her name on this, and is presented with a Gift Bag including a crystal gift and yummy goodies.

©Nicky Rox | Rock My Shoes Workshop

©Nicky Rox | Rock My Shoes Workshop

*Party Package Two*

The Audrey Hepburn (The Diamond & Pearls 2.5 hours) offers you unlimited crystals and pearls too.  There is no food or welcome cocktail with this package but venue hire is still offered around the UK for you.  Lots of unlimited crystals and pearls are provided for everyone and the bride will receive a surprise gift too.

©Nicky Rox | Rock My Shoes Workshop

©Nicky Rox | Rock My Shoes Workshop

*Party Package Three*

The Grace Kelly (Mobile Service) is a package suited to groups who can provide the venue themselves. It’s ideal for those who have a room which can easily seat a group of people with lots of light to work in. Rock My Shoes have travelled to holiday homes, workplaces, homes and hotels and taught a craft workshop there. The bride always receives a surprise gift too.

©Nicky Rox | Rock My Shoes Workshop

©Nicky Rox | Rock My Shoes Workshop

*What locations do you cover?*

There are some handpicked hotel locations which are regularly used in major cities around the UK. They are selected by *Rock My Shoes* for their central location, bright airy function room and friendly staff.  The min group requirements may change depending on your requested location to make sure the travel costs of your workshop tutor are covered. Requests for workshops in locations outside of the UK would be considered as long as the tutor travel costs are accommodated for.

©Nicky Rox | Rock My Shoes Workshop

©Nicky Rox | Rock My Shoes Workshop

*If a bride would like to have a custom made pair of bridal shoes made, what can you offer?*

It has been seen on rare occasions where brides have brought their wedding shoes to customise them at a *Rock My Shoes* Workshop. White or ivory satin is the trickiest material to work with, and personally I don’t encourage brides to bring their shoes when practicing my techniques for the very first time at a hen party workshop.  Away from the craft workshops I offer a bespoke customisation service and bridal shoes are my speciality. I pay extra due care and attention when working with white and ivory satin shoes.  I would recommend a ‘shoe chat’ with me whereby we go through design possibilities I could work on as a bespoke order for you.

*Do you offer bridesmaid shoe customisation also?*

Bridesmaids have brought their shoes to the *Rock My Shoes* workshops and it has worked well when the bride is laid back and doesn’t care too much about what design is applied to the bridesmaids’ shoes. There is a lot of creative freedom at the workshop and I have seen bridesmaids create something entirely from each other on their bridesmaid’s shoes. If the bride wanted to suggest a theme and ask for all shoes to be similar in design this can easily be prepared with some advance notice. As with bridal shoes, I also customise bridesmaids to bespoke order away from the workshops.


Bridal Shoes Orders by Nicky Rox

©Nicky Rox | Bespoke Shoes

©Nicky Rox | Bespoke Shoe Orders

*How far in advance of the wedding should a bride to be contact you about shoe customisation?*

I always ask for between 4-8 weeks to work on a shoe order. Sometimes I have been approached 18 months in advance of the wedding day. This is great as it takes away any worry about timescales, etc. If a bride is asking me to work on her shoes last minute, I have always tried to accommodate the order and make a bride very happy with her finished shoes. I never rush an order and if time just doesn’t allow for a perfect finish then I will not accept the work.

©Nicky Rox

©Nicky Rox

A huge thanks to the lovely Nicky of *Rock My Shoes* for inspiring us to plan a unique and creative hen party.


*Website: www.rockmyshoes.co.uk or www.nickyroxdesigns.co.uk

*Email: info@nickyrox.co.uk

*Social Media: Facebook Instagram Pinterest Twitter



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