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It’s a *Fabulous Friday* and we have some utterly beautiful wedding decor inspiration today with the divine *Candle de Fleur*

*Candle De Fleur* offers beautifully elegant and luxurious candles that could be the perfect centrepiece for creating a sophisticated and romantic wedding ambiance. The *Candle De Fleur* pieces are not just any candles, they are stunning works of art in themselves that many people describe as ‘too pretty to burn’.  What is even more amazing is that they do not drip wax, as they burn from the centre. In other words, they will stay looking spectacular for the duration of the wedding! Lighting is such an important feature at any event and these would provide the perfect decorative feature to create that lovely warm glow. These beautiful pieces could also be given to guests as wedding favours, which would be a lovely memento for them to take away from your special day.

For more information, please see *Candle De Fleur Wedding Favours*



The fabulous range of floral candles include:

*Floating Candles*

*Oval Rose Candles*

*Rose Candles*

*Rose Ball Candles*

*Rose Bud Candles*

*Rose Pillar Candles*



The lovely Deborah of *Candle De Fleur* has kindly provided today’s *Pearls of Wedding Wisdom*



* How did Candle De Fleur begin?

5yrs ago. I had my own little beauty business mainly specializing in holistic facials and I was always looking for new ideas as an add on to my business, especially during this period of recession as clients were cutting back on their luxury treatments. I am a great believer of talking to the universe and putting out positive thoughts and one day these beautiful candles came my way…a very spiritual path and Candle De Fleur was born!!

* Where do you get your inspiration from?

Passion….I absolutely love working with my candles and my favourite pastime is creating and styling for exhibitions and events…..I go into planet Debs and I am at my happiest buzzing with different ideas…after spending fortunes on the styling props!!



* If you had to describe Candle de Fleur in three words, what would they be?

Unique, Designer, Luxury

* What different styles of candles do you offer?

A whole collection starting with the signature collection “the Rose Ball”, “Candle Rose”, “Rose Bud”, “Rose Pillar”, “Rose Oval”, Rose Favours



* In what ways can Candle de Fleur feature at a wedding and how can this be personalised?

Candle De Fleur features at many weddings during the course of the year, especially overseas weddings as we become part of the ambiance and romance of the wedding. Table centers play a very big part of the first impressions of the wedding as the guests walk through to their tables. Over the years floristry has become very expensive, especially if you want to create a huge wow for your guests as this costs money with flowers and can be more costly at different times of the year due to which flowers are in season. We can help create a table center with your colour theme making it unique and special and at the end of the wedding the couple still have the candles to take home as keepsakes or they can give some away as special presents to mum, nan, bridesmaids etc.



* How could Candle de Fleur enhance your wedding photos?

Candle de Fleur love to show off and are extremely photogenic!! They look absolutely stunning when they begin to burn and then glow as the wedding progress’s into the evening, creating a wonderful romantic ambiance.

* How far in advance of the wedding should couples order their candles?

As far in advance as possible in order to make sure we have the availability in the style and colour for their wedding.

* Is there anything couples should consider when ordering candles?

To check with their venue that they are allowed to have candles as some venues do not allow it. ( If this is the case there are ways around the problem which do fit in with the health and safety regulations).



* What are your top three reasons for choosing Candle De Fleur at weddings?

1. Cost……When compared to flowers (which are gorgeous) in order to create a big WOW you have to spend an awful amount of money as your table center, and unfortunately the flowers die so it is pretty much dead money…excuse the pun!! Compared to having a Candle De Fleur as your table center…creates a Wow and a talking point as they are unique and not as expensive.

2. After the wedding you still have your candles as keepsakes or to give away as presents to close members of your family or friends.

3.Unique, creative and can be styled with any colour theme for your wedding.



* If you are not getting married but would love to use candles – at what other occasions and how could you use them?

A Candle De Fleur is on that special gift list for almost any occasion, as well as being suitable for any event…..

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Birth of Baby, New Home, Thank you, Christening, Bereavement,Valentines, Mothers Day, Easter, Christmas, Weddings, Barmitzvahs, Corporate gifts, award ceremonies, the list is endless but remember they just look gorgeous in your home so treat yourself!!!!



*Sparkle Pearls and Lace* just love these beautiful flower-inspired candles! I want to buy lots to fill my house with a lovely, warm floral glow. A huge thanks to Deborah of *Candle De Fleur* for sharing with us these gorgeous candles!



* Website: www.candledefleur.co.uk

* Email:  sales@candledefleur.co.uk

* Social Media: Facebook Twitter


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