*The Groom’s Third Parisian Take*

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Today’s *Perfect Proposal* feature is *The Groom’s Take*

Last week we heard the beautiful story of Tess and Peter in *A Perfect Parisian Proposal* from Tess’s perspective, today we hear it from Peter.

Ladies often swoon over proposal stories but sometimes we forget about the planning, thought and nerves that ensue for the proposer!

The Groom's Take

* Planning the Proposal:  I actually chose to take Tess to Paris before the thought of proposing dawned upon me. We’ve known for years that marriage was a certainty, but the actual planning process (scenarios/locations etc.) took about 3 weeks. That said, I was keen not to ”over-plan” to give myself the flexibility to think freely in the moment.

The Groom's Take

* Choosing the RingAfter eight years with Tess I was more than aware of the style she might go for. I asked myself some basic questions: Metal type? Band colour? Diamond type? Detail? Which one feels right?

* Ring Size: I managed to sneak a ring out of her jewellery box that she wears quite often and took it to the jewellery store with me. She never noticed!

* Ring Style: A few weeks before I told her we were going to Paris, Tess happened to look online at engagement rings. I took many a mental note! But we had never discussed style.

* Buying the Engagement Ring: Although daunting (as any partner will know buying jewellery), it was very exciting – this only happens once in your whole life.

The Groom's Take

* Spilling the Proposal: I spoke only to two people – my Dad and a friend (who happens to be the husband of Tess’ Matron of Honour). I spoke to my friend because he had recently been through the whole process himself – including a Parisian proposal. I spoke to my Dad because I needed to tell someone close to me…normally this would be Tess! The fewer people that knew, the better.

* Choosing the Proposal Location: The original plan was to take Tess away for a few days around Valentine’s Day. We’d always wanted to go to Paris together, and the engagement idea was something that hit me later. I’d always thought that a proposal would happen about three years from now! Paris also worked well because Tess is half French.

The Groom's Take

* Transporting the Ring: In a first aid kit box! I always take one when we travel so Tess wouldn’t have noticed anything out of the ordinary.

* Nerves about Tess finding the ring: Yes, of course. If it was me that needed the first aid then it may have been a case of proposing at Heathrow whilst she put a plaster on my finger! The other thing was that I left my coat on the airport coach. As my main concern was getting though security without being searched, I couldn’t in that moment care less about the coat. Tess couldn’t quite understand why once we had successfully passed through security I didn’t notice the £140 price tag on my new designer jacket and seemed totally at ease with the world. Says the man where normally a scruffy t-shirt and jeans will suffice.

* Describe the proposal in 3 words: She said yes! (I LOVE this!!!!)

* Popping the Question nerves: Are you kidding?

* Original Proposal Plan: I saw that there was a restaurant on the first level of the Eiffel Tower. I’d reserved a table by the window overlooking the Trocadero and thought, ”the most romantic location on Earth; Valentine’s day and eight of the most wonderful years of my life with Tess.” It all made such perfect sense!


* What were you thinking when the gentleman next to you proposed? I can’t swear on this blog, can I? As this is pre-watershed, I’ll keep those thoughts to myself.

* How did this affect your proposal plans? After the initial internal ‘mayday’ call I experienced, I honestly realised that this clearly wasn’t the right moment. On one hand I was thinking that whatever will be will be, and on the other hand I was really desperate to make it happen! It was very alien to be sat with the person I love the most in the world and not be able to process my emotions with her. As Tess has mentioned, I stopped awkwardly a number of times in the parks surrounding the sparkling Eiffel Tower only to be invaded by street vendors selling model Eiffel Towers. Tess at this point was definitely on to me, as I had my ”I’m about to propose to you but I’m at a loss as to where to do it and I’m really nervous and I need help and I’m sweating and there’s mud on the floor here and that’s not very romantic and why do people keep walking past why can’t this be easy it’s not easy but it should be I’ve known you long enough it’s like we just friggin’ met” face on.

The Groom's Take

“So, on our very own romantic Parisian balcony overlooking the moon-lit streets below and under a starry night’s sky, it was!”

The Groom's Take

* First Day as an Engaged Couple: I love that we were the only people that knew. There was something really precious about walking along with my arms around her knowing that I was now most definitely going to spend the rest of my life with her.

The Groom's Take

* Reaction to the Engagement: Most people dropped the phone either screaming or crying; apparently this a good thing! As for my Dad, he did really well at being ‘pretend’ surprised for my mother who at this point was only audible to dogs.

The Groom's Take

* Advice for Proposing:

* I really mean this – act with your heart and not your head. The second you try to apply logic and sense to the situation is the moment at which your potential proposal is happening for what I believe to be the wrong reasons.

* If, every time you are away from your partner and all you can think about is the next time you’re going to be with them – to the point that everything else doesn’t matter, then this is a better sign than any!

* Relax, enjoy it! This moment really is up there with holding your baby for the first time. And remember, to quote the Royal Marines, ”a plan lasts five minutes”.

The Groom's Take

What *Sparkle Pearls and Lace* love about this: What a wonderful job Peter did in planning such a super proposal weekend and the honesty and emotion that he speaks with is truly touching. He had obviously put so much thought into the proposal and from hearing Tess’s reactions last week, we can see that this meant so much to her. I admire Peter’s integrity and patience to do it right despite the obstacles that presented themselves in Paris and the way in which Tess and Peter celebrated their engagement in true Parisian style. 

Thanks so much to Tess and Peter for sharing their beautiful proposal with us and particularly to Peter for his wonderful insight into being a proposer and his excellent advice on popping the question.

Next week | A Winter Wonderland Proposal


Klee x

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