*Keep Calm and Enjoy Being A Bride*

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As a wedding planner, I often get asked advice about wedding planning, my first words are always ‘Keep Calm’!

*So the wedding journey begins…*

A huge congratulations are in order and you are about to embark upon what will hopefully be the happiest journey of your life.


*Brides To Be*

Friends will be thrusting all sorts of weird and wacky ideas at you, you will now be tweeting bridal style, you will be pinning like crazy on Pinterest and you will be following the plethora of superb wedding blog posts on Instagram – you are now officially a bride to be!



For many brides, this is such an exciting time – you have dreamed of these moments since you were a little girl. You cannot wait to get your wedding scrapbook out that you made as a child, you will be immediately swooped up in bridal social media heaven and you get the girls round for an evening of wedding themed chick-flicks; cue ‘The Wedding Planner’, ‘Father of the Bride’ and ‘Bride Wars’.



However, for some brides, planning a wedding comes with the connotations of ‘the most stressful time of your life’. The average wedding now costs in excess of £20,000 – how on earth can we afford that and who knew how much the word ‘wedding’ adds to everything? “We want it to be different and better than other weddings” –  the pressure that brides put on themselves and the expectation that brides put on each other is soaring, myself included!


*A Reflection of the Couple*

It does not matter how much money you spend or what designers you have, and you certainly should not be comparing your wedding to others. Getting married is about two people joining in union and therefore, the wedding can still be elegant or quirky or bohemian but most importantly it should reflect you as a couple. Your guests should go away feeling ‘That was so lovely, it was so them’


*Be Bridal Savvy*

There is so much advice and inspiration out there –  mood boards, blogs, magazines, shows, apps. Do not be overwhelmed by this but use it to inspire and guide you only. Setting yourself monthly achievable targets is essential. Even if you are not a girly girl and want a totally unique non-traditional wedding, this is a chance to bring your family and friends together.


*Wedding Inspiration & Organisation*

– Get a notebook and use it to keep lists, appointments, pricing, invoices etc

– Set a monthly checklist of things that can be easily achieved leading upto the wedding

– Look for inspiration from wedding blogs, Instagram, Pinterest and magazines

– Consider a wedding planning app/website that will aid you

– Keep a folder of magazine cut outs and pictures that inspire you

– Make a physical mood board so you have something tangible to look at and to compare colours/materials/textures etc


*The First Four Steps*

*1 – Think about the style of wedding you would like 

*2- Discuss finances with whoever is contributing to the wedding and set a clear budget

*3- Think about the time of year you want to get married 

*4 – Consider approximate numbers of how many people will be heart

*Can we do it again please?*

However, one thing that brides always say to me is that they wish they had enjoyed the whole experience more as they got so caught up in that it was over before they knew it. And then  friends start to get engaged and you see how fun the wedding planning process can be – that wonderful sense of nostalgia sets in: ‘Oh I wish I had done that’ or ‘I wish I had thought of that’.


*The Bridal Blues*

The wedding blues is a very common feeling amongst newly married brides – the happy occasion that has driven you for the past year or more has now ended. What shall fill your evenings and your pinterest news feeds? Will you really not have to buy bridal magazines this month? Do you really no longer have to go to wedding shows? Brides want to do it all over again.  A little bit like childbirth, at the time you want it to be over as quickly as possible but then the gorgeous life long memories that your wedding day has brought will fill you with a happy nostalgia. I would say that every single step of the planning process from the tasting of yummy cakes and trying on some very pretty dresses to deciding on the dreaded seating plan can be enjoyed.



*Keep calm and enjoy being a bride!*


Klee x

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