*3 Wonderful Winter Wedding Theme Ideas*

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These lovely crisp days are making us think about cosy nights in front of the fire and planning a winter wedding!

I love the idea of a winter wedding. I always think of the enchanting world of Narnia, glistening snow, warming hot chocolate topped with melting marshmallows and warming blankets to keep you toasty. Some delightful sparklers and a wonderful wedding fireworks display would be the perfect wintery way to round off the day.  Our fab friends over at *Fireworks Crazy* have got winter weddings covered with some magnificent theme inspiration. 

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*3 Winter Weddings Theme Ideas*

Whether you choose the traditional summer wedding season for your own big day, or find yourself caught up dreaming of a fairytale winter wedding, choosing a theme to build your day around can go a long way to making the whole thing a memorable experience, both for you and for your guests.

The beauty of choosing a wedding theme is that you have so much you can play around with. You also have the option of keeping a theme simple by choosing a colour based idea, being a little more daring and elaborate by choosing a popular trend such as vintage or rustic, or going all out and having a wedding based around Star Wars or another unforgettable idea.

As we’re heading firmly into the winter, we’ve decided to look at some great theme ideas you might want to use, whether you’re making last minute plans for your wedding in 2015 or thinking about a winter wedding in future.

*Bling It Up*

Thanks to ‘reality’ television and the ever-growing cult of the celebrity, conventional wisdom teaches us that in the 21st century bling can often be a synonym for tacky. Get it right, and bling can still definitely be classy, tasteful, and glittering. The beauty of a bling theme is that you can create the feel of a winter wedding without it being too ‘fairy tale princess’ or veering into the well-trodden ‘winter wonderland’ path.

How you bling up your wedding is up to you…

We would suggest opting for as subtle an approach as possible, using simple things such as sequins and glitter to create an understated bling experience, though if you’d prefer to use diamantes, precious stones, or even base your theme predominantly around a bling associated colour such as gold or silver, this will work, too.

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*Moody Florals*

Not many things go together like flowers and weddings. Yet, despite the bride carrying flowers down the aisle then keeping hold of them all day, flower arrangements on tables at the reception, and guests wearing hats featuring flowers or flowers in their suit lapels, very few weddings use florals as the main theme.

Winter weddings mean it will be darker, so it is a great opportunity to embrace the seasonal lack of light in your theme.

Roses in a deep, moody shade of red would be perfect for this, and if you can go all out with florals to create a centrepiece, even better.


Image via bridalguide.com

*Delightful Desserts*

Winter, and the Christmas period particularly, are known as times of indulgence, sometimes turning to excess. With this in mind, a dessert themed wedding could be just the thing to bring your big day to life.

If you’re not much of a traditionalist yourself, imagine walking down the aisle in an Audrey Hepburn inspired cupcake print dress, before heading to your reception where you find a wildly popular dessert buffet and even the flowers arranged to look like popular puddings.

This is definitely the left field option, but if you have your heart set on your wedding being a little different, a delightful dessert themed wedding or something similar could be the one for you.

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What winter wedding themes have you seen or considered? Tell us about your favourites, and maybe even what you have planned for your own wedding, or if you have been inspired by what you have read here.

A huge thanks to the fabulous *Fireworks Crazy* for sharing their winter wedding inspiration with us.


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