*5 Entertainment Ideas for a Summer Wedding*

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Its our favourite time of the month… a wedding entertainment guest post by *Warble Entertainment*

With all of this lovely sunshine we have had and the warmest Wimbledon on record, *Warble Entertainment* have got it spot on with this months wedding entertainment inspiration…

5 Entertainment Ideas for a Summer Wedding | Written by Sam McGowan | Warble Entertainment

The summer is one of the most popular times of the year to hold a wedding and it’s easy to see why. From outdoor weddings to festival themes, the sunshine really does give a helping hand to making your day that little bit more glorious. Along with some yellow rays and blue skies, your entertainment can flourish more than ever so here is 5 great ideas on how to entertain your guests in some wonderful weather.

*Acoustic Singer/Guitarist*

With acoustic performers being able to perform all sorts of genres of music you can always find the perfect musician to suit your taste and theme. Booking a solo performer also means that they don’t need much space or power so it’s really easy to have them perform outdoors. Just check the performer has some form of shade and a power supply that can reach outside and you are all set to enjoy your favourite songs out in the sunshine.

*Roaming Musicians*

Whether you’re wedding is completely outdoors or you have decided to have a drinks reception out in the gardens of your venue, roaming musicians are one of the best ideas to brighten up your space. Whether this comes in the form of a saxophone player, mariachi band or simply an acoustic trio playing some of your favourite classics, it’s a sure fire way to set that summer feeling for you and your guests.

*String Quartet*

If you are looking for something a little more traditional, then a string quartet really doesn’t need much introduction. Depending on your taste there is something for everyone, with quartets performing all kinds of genres from classical to contemporary and pop to theme tunes, the possibilities are endless.

*Walkabout Performers*

There are so many options available when it comes to walkabout entertainment. With an outdoor wedding you and your guests will be wandering around more than ever so an act that can keep up with it is spot on. This really can be anything with the likes of walking trees, magicians, caricaturists and crystal ball jugglers, this kind of act is perfect for entertaining your guests and creating some great photo opportunities.

*Brass Bands*

Big brass instruments are simply a delight to see and hear in the sun. Depending on what you are looking to spend you can start from as little as a trio to a full blown marching band if you wish to do so. Being completely acoustic makes them really versatile in where they can perform so whether this be on the terrace of your venue or smack bang in the middle of the lawn, they will go down a treat with a fruity glass or jug of Pimms.

So there you are, a handful of some of the best entertainment ideas to spice up that sunny day you have always hoped for.

A huge thanks for our monthly wedding entertainment inspiration from the wonderful *Warble Entertainment*. Have you seen their new fabulous and fun website?! Its new shiny design is perfect in aiding you source the perfect entertainment for your wedding.

We love the new wedding theme feature too – you can now search popular wedding themes to find entertainment that fits your style!


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