*5 Top Tips to Keep Your Dance Floor Full*

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Its our favourite time of the month… a wedding entertainment guest post by *Warble Entertainment*

Weddings can be very long days, so how do you ensure that the party keeps going til the end and the dance floor is full? Well who better to ask than our resident wedding entertainment experts…the wonderful Warble Entertainment team…

5 Top Tips to Keep Your Dance Floor Full | Written by Sam McGowan | Warble Entertainment

We all know your wedding day will be one of the most special days of your life so every little detail needs to be perfect. We also know that such an important day will bring a few worries your way, one of them being that you find yourself having an empty dance floor. The good news is there are lots of ways to make sure you and your guests have plenty of laughs, throw lots of crazy shapes and make sure those dancing shoes are well and truly worn out.

*Book A Professional Band*

Great music, lots of dancing and some very cool vibes are just a few reasons why booking a band for your wedding will make your night. Another benefit is having a set of musicians dedicated to making your night a party to remember. Their job is to fill dance floors all over the country so you can enjoy your night whilst they keep everyone singing and dancing away to their favourite hits.

*Dim The Lights*

‘Dance like no-one is watching.’ Dancing in broad day light is usually only for the brave hearted or the professionals. So to help those who need a little push in the right direction, dim the lights and just have a splash of light over the dance floor itself. This takes a little pressure off those who aren’t as confident and won’t feel like they are ‘in the spotlight’. 

*Dancing Shoes*

A brilliant idea for your evening reception is making sure everyone is comfortable and dressed for the occasion with some dancing shoes. Some great ways to do this is to have a box full of flip flops, asking everyone to wear their favourite converse or why not just leave your heels at the door?

*Choose a Dedicated Party Goer!*

Everyone has that friend that could dance until their hearts content, so why not use them to your advantage and give them an official job title? The job will include being the first one on the dance floor, starting off the Macarena and making sure there is no-one left stood in the corner.

*Venue Size*

Choosing the right sized room for your evening party is rather crucial to helping your night end with a bang. Having the room or dance floor bigger than needed will make your dancing space look a little sparse no matter how many are up and about. Bring everyone together with the right amount of room and they will still find a way to conga their way around.

Yes, keeping your dance floor full really is an art form but it’s an easy one to master with these useful tips. All you need to do now is make sure you have the best shapes to throw so take the table out of the living room and turn up the volume.   

We love these dance floor tips, thanks Warble! My own top tip is to play a varied selection of music suitable for all ages, you could even send out a song request section with your RSVP or ask people to suggest their favourite songs to dance to on your wedding website.

A huge thanks for our monthly wedding entertainment inspiration from the wonderful *Warble Entertainment*. To get wedding entertainment inspired, please see the fabulous Warble website. They have an incredible selection of singers, bands, musicians and DJ’s to keep your dance floor buzzing with atmosphere and party-worthy!


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