*Beautiful Big Day Buttons with Buttons Galore*

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Our fab new features writer Emma is sharing some beautiful big day buttons on the blog today.

*Beautiful Big Day Buttons with Buttons Galore* | Written by Emma

Excited is an understatement today; I can tell you from personal experience (my lovely, bespoke piece of button art features among the pictures below – watch out for the ‘Roots of our Marriage’ family tree which decorates my living room!!) that Emma of *Buttons Galore* is an incredibly creative, friendly and professional supplier to use. Top that with pretty, colourful, and distinctive designs and you’ve got potentially the next phase in wedding gifts and décor ready to go!

From family trees, to initials, to inspirational quotes and a whole array of shapes, who knew buttons could be so versatile?! Can you just imagine ‘Mr and Mrs’ lettering made from buttons decorating a fireplace or top table? How amazing would that look!With prices from a bargainous £12 and limitless design possibilities, I think it’s time I buttoned it so we can hear the latest *Pearls of Wedding Wisdom* from Emma at *Buttons Galore*

*How did Buttons Galore begin?*

I was on sick leave from work with stress at the time I started the business and I wanted something to occupy my mind. I had started seeing a lot of the ‘scrabble frames’ around and thought that these were a really good idea, but wondered “what could I do to make myself different and stand out?”. So, after some researching I decided to start doing Button Art. I went out and bought a pack of multicolored buttons to see if I would be able to achieve something sellable, and then the rest is history as they’d say!

Now, I work in retail by day and in buttons by night and I couldn’t be happier!

 *What can Buttons Galore offer?*

I offer handmade, unique and bespoke Button Art which can be personalised for the customer or recipient.  Each piece is unique and no two are ever the same. From being able to choose the colour scheme, to adding any words or phrases, each one is tailor-made. I offer a fast and efficient service and if it is required for a certain date I will make sure it is delivered on time; I’m also able to send it directly to the recipient if it is being bought as a gift.

*Please describe Buttons Galore in three words*

Unique, Personal & Value for Money

*Where do you get your inspiration from?*

I get a lot of my inspiration from Pinterest but also from people asking if I can make something specific. An example would be when a lady asked if I could make her a Family Tree.  I hadn’t made one before then, and initially it was proving quite difficult for me to decide how I was going to achieve it. After doing some research and some mock-ups I was able to put together my first ever Family Tree, which I have been able to build upon to make them more unique and special for the customer, and increase my product range.

*What makes Buttons Galore unique?*

Every piece of Button Art is lovingly handmade by myself in south Wales and each one is unique. There will never be two the same.

 *How can Buttons Galore feature at a wedding?*

Mainly I would say a piece of Button Art would be given as a gift for the happy couple, or maybe they would like their initials in buttons to be part of the wedding décor.

*What other occasions could they be used for?*

Birthdays | Baby Showers | Children’s Bedrooms | Christenings | Weddings | Anniversaries | Engagement Gifts | Mother’s/Father’s Day | Valentine’s Day | Home Decor

 *How can your lovely pictures be customised or personalised?*

A lot of the time the pictures are customised through the choice of coloured buttons the customer wants. This usually is to match a colour scheme in a room or their favourite colour. They can be personalised with any message or words. I recently did a Button Elephant to go in a baby girl’s nursery so this was personalised with the name, date and time of birth, and weight of the baby girl. All frames can be personalised and custom-made if something in particular was needed.

*Are you able to use buttons provided by a customer?*

I haven’t been asked to do this yet, but yes I would be able to. All they would need to do is post the buttons to myself and I’d be able to attach it to their piece of Button Art, making it more personal and meaningful to them.

*How far in advance of a special occasion should people get in touch?*

1-2 weeks for a small basic order | 1 month for something larger and more complex

*Do you deliver across the UK?*

Yes, all I would need is an address and whether it needed to be with the customer by a certain date. Postage & Packaging is £4, sent 1st class with Royal Mail. I can also post them worldwide of course, it just takes a little longer and costs are calculated depending on the country.

 *What information do you need to make one of your pieces?*

This all depends on what the design is. For example, if it was for a wedding gift then I would need the names of those getting married & the date of the wedding, also what coloured buttons and frame they would like. Or, if they were purchasing one of my popular Family Trees then I would need the names of those to go on the family tree. Nothing is ever too much trouble!

*What are your price ranges and what sizes do you offer?*

Frames are 23x23cm and come in either Black or White. Prices start from £12 depending on the design.

Thanks so much to the lovely Emma for sharing her brand new button business with Sparkle Pearls and Lace – we cannot wait to see her conquer the button world and bring colourful cuteness to a wedding near you! It is well worth checking out her Facebook page for more ideas, and keeping up to date with competitions and her latest makes. We love supporting small businesses and if it means indulging our creative side and adorning our walls with beautiful pictures, well, then so be it!

*Email: Emma_Louise_Griffiths@hotmail.co.uk

*Social Media: Facebook

Curly love,
Emma xx