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We have the loveliest gifts on the blog today with the fabulous Lovebook.

I came across this little gem last year when I was looking for an anniversary gift for my husband. I absolutely loved the process of making the different pages for the ‘love’ book, so much so that I got somewhat carried away, as what was supposed to be a weekend project took a tad longer, three and a half weeks to be exact. Not because it was complicated or time consuming but because I was having so much fun!! Designing the characters to look like us, creating scenes that sum up our life and even making the dog look like a match was super fun!


 I totally love coming across unique, personalised and thoughtful gifts and *LoveBook* ticks all of the boxes! This would make the perfect present for so many happy occasions:
– A rather charming way to propose
– A thoughtful wedding present for the happy couple
– A lovely wedding gift for your partner
– A memory/message book for the bride at her hen party
– A thank you to your bridesmaids/groomsmen
– A sweet present to your husband/wife for your wedding anniversary

Fortunately for us one of the fab co-founders of Lovebook, Chris Sonjeow has been kind enough to provide today’s Pearls of Wedding Wisdom, LoveBook style…

© LoveBook

*How did LoveBook begin?*
LoveBook started out as a side project back in 2007. Myself and 3 other co-founders (Rob Patterson, John Baranowski, Kevin Zalewski) all worked for the same engineering company together. One day during lunch we were talking about Christmas gifts. One of our co-founders, Rob Patterson showed us this little notebook. The notebook had little hand drawn sketches that said all the reasons why he loved his wife. We thought it was awesome and said, “Wouldn’t it be cool if we could build a website that allowed people to make these and have them printed?”. That was it. For the next year, we would meet up at the bar, open our laptops and start working.
In 2008, we were contacted by Robyn Spizman, she is a gifting expert and was going to be on ABC’s The Today Show. She loved our product and wanted to take it on for a Mother’s Day segment. It was a crazy day but it did something much more important than just sales. It legitimized the concept. Once we saw the feedback, we realized the idea was something that people liked. Ever since then, we’ve been growing and “spreading the love” all over the world.

*What is a LoveBook?*
LoveBook is a personalised gift book that allows you to list all the things you love someone in your own book. Each page, lists a specific reason and is accompanied by a cute stick figure illustration. You start by creating your characters, our site will then insert your characters into hundreds of pre-made pages which can be edited to match your specific relationship. For instance, you can select a page like: “I love watching TV with you.” but it can edit it to be more specific and say: “I love watching Game of Thrones with you.”
Once you have added all the pages you like, you place the order. We print, bind and ship it anywhere in the world.

© LoveBook

*Please describe LoveBook in 3 words*
Best. Gift. Ever.

*What is unique about LoveBook?*
LoveBook is the only gift that lets you specifically say why you love someone. It’s very different from other books, such as photo books. Photobooks can only display memories, things that happened in the past. A LoveBook functions in the past, present and future. I love how we first met, I love that we just bought a house, I can’t wait to start a family with you.

© LoveBook

*For what occasions can LoveBook be given as a gift for?*
LoveBooks can be given for just about any romantic occasion. Birthdays, Wedding Anniversaries, Valentine’s Day are the most popular but we’ve been part of many marriage proposals, bridesmaid gifts and gifts from brides and grooms on the wedding day.

*Could you please tell us about your fabulous LoveBook designs?*
The challenge with coming up with designs for LoveBook involves giving enough options for people to choose from, without being overwhelming. Because love is such a broad topic and there are many forms of love, you have to really have something for everyone. We do our best to keep our databases full of ideas and new concepts. Many of our pre-made pages are actually user-generated. We occasionally find a page that works for everyone (we remove any personalization or names) but a good idea is a good idea so we’ll add it. 

© LoveBook

*How can LoveBook be personalized to each couple/for each person?*
LoveBooks can be personalized in many ways. First, the user creates an account. You can then create your own characters by changing the name, hair, eyes, body, face shape and skin tone. You can also select and edit the cover title. From there, the user picks out the pages that best suite their relationship. 
*How will I receive my LoveBook?*
LoveBooks are shipped in a cardboard shipping wrap similar to most online booksellers.
*How much approximately does a LoveBook cost*
LoveBooks come in two versions, hard or soft cover. Hard cover books are $44.95 USD and $39.95 USD. The best part about LoveBook is that all love is different. Some stories are long, some are short. We charge one flat rate for unlimited pages (we do have a physical binding limit of 300 pages) but we do not charge per page so you can add as many as you like. Most customers choose about 50 pages, which makes a nice size book.

© LoveBook

*How much is shipping to the UK and approximately how long does this take?*
We currently have printers located in the UK so our books ship from within the country. Depending on the shipping method selected, it can take about 1-4 days to be delivered via UPS or Royal Mail.

A huge thanks to Chris and Lovebook for sharing today’s Pearls of Wedding Wisdom with us. I cannot wait to get started on my next Lovebook!


Klee x

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