*Blogging Bride Fiona: Our Love Story*

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It’s a *Fabulous Friday* and our lovely *Blogging Bride Fiona* is sharing her love story with us…

I met my lovely partner through friends…my best friend goes out with his best friend. We were on a night out and I walked into the bar and instantly fancied the pants off him! My friend decided to tell him this, ’embarrassing’!!!! He was playing it cool but we spoke to each other for about five minutes before we had to leave, as we were watching ‘Ben Pearce’ the DJ at another club.

We met up afterwards and I found out a bit more about him. There is a 5 year age gap between us but that didn’t bother me. I gave him my number before I went home and he texted me that night,

“I hope you got in okay. It was lovely to meet you and I would like to take you out on a date!”

At this point I thought he was a bit keen as I had only spoken to him for about half an hour! I had never been taken out on a proper date before, so I was quite curious and just went for it!

We met up at a lovely little pub by the sea and it was going really well until we realised we had gatecrashed a speed dating night for the over 50s!!!

We took a stroll round to a nearby bar and ended up chatting till the early hours! We instantly hit it off,  non-stop laughing and chatting, it was like we had known each other for years! We found that we had so much in common, so there was no awkwardness that you can sometimes have on a first date.

I wanted to know what the catch was, he was so nice it felt too good to be true… As the year went on, it just seems to be that he farts in bed! 

*Next week | Our Proposal*

Fiona Xx
(Instagram @fionaclaree)

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