*A Summer Wedding Treat: Lushice Sorbets*

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Very excited to share with you a wedding gem today, ‘sorbet for grown ups’ from *Lushice Sorbets*

We have a pretty amazing combination today – cocktails and sorbet! *Lushice Sorbets* have transformed the frozen dessert world with their little tubs of heaven.

“The taste of a yummy cocktail, in the shape a refreshing frozen dessert.”

©Lushice Sorbets

©Lushice Sorbets | Cocktail Sorbet Collection

This would certainly be a fabulous and completely unique take on reception drinks if you don’t fancy the usual array of alcohol on offer. I think these decadent sorbets would be absolutely perfect for a summer wedding, especially with the gorgeous sunshine we have had recently! What better way is there to keep your guests feeling refreshed and to quench their thirst with a cocktail sorbet? 

©Lushice Sorbets

©Lushice Sorbets | Pina Colada Sorbet

I love the design of the tubs as their high quality sophisticated look means that they would fit perfectly with any wedding ambience.  

©Lushice Sorbets | Pina Colada Sorbet

The light and refreshing sorbets are low in calories and therefore would be a great addition at any point of the day, not being too rich or too filling. Even better they are dairy-free, which will make things a whole lot easier with the maze of dietary requirements that couples are trying to work with.

©Lushice Sorbets | Margarita Sorbet

The lovely Laura of *Lushice Sorbets* has kindly provided today’s *Pearls of Wedding Wisdom*

*How did Lushice Sorbets begin?*

Lushice began in my kitchen a few years ago when I was experimenting with fun sorbet flavours I could take to a friend’s dinner party.

*What is Lushice?*

Lushice is a range of luxury, delicious, dairy-free sorbets.

©Lushice Sorbets | Margarita Sorbet

*Which flavours are available?*

Mojito sorbet | Margarita sorbet | Pina Colada sorbet | Strawberry Daiquiri sorbet

*Please describe Lushice Sorbets in 3 words?*

New, naughty, tasty

©Lushice Sorbets | Strawberry Daiquiri Sorbet

*What makes Lushice Sorbets unique?*

They are all based on popular cocktail flavours.

©Lushice Sorbets | Margarita Sorbet

*Where can you buy Lushice Sorbets?*

A few delis in London, Ibiza & online with Ocado.com

*How could Lushice Sorbets feature at a wedding?*

The mini 100ml pots could be a fun dessert on every plate at the end of the meal, used as a palette cleanser in-between courses or stacked in a sorbet pyramid tower for guests to help themselves.

©Lushice Sorbets | Lushice Sorbet Scoops

*How should a bride and groom get in touch?*

Really easy, just email me on laura@lushicesorbet.com and we can organise the order & delivery.

©Lushice Sorbets | Mojito Sorbet

A huge thanks to the lovely Laura for providing today’s *Pearls of Wedding Wisdom*. We just love these fabulous sorbets and think they are a must-have for a wedding, whether it be for reception drinks, a palette cleanser, as part of dessert, during cocktail hour or just as a tasty and refreshing treat. The options are endless and the result – lots of happy guests!


*Website: www.lushicesorbet.com

*Email: laura@lushicesorbet.com

*Stockist: Ocado  

*Social Media: Facebook Twitter

*Blog: http://lushicesorbet.com/wp/blog/


Klee x

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