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© Mission Tie The Knot
Gosh do we have a treat in store for you today, a marketplace that is about to revolutionise the wedding world!

I have literally been waiting for this for my entire wedding life…a dreamy place filled with a splendid array of wedding pretty. A place that you can buy everything from stylish hen party decor to the glorious gifts for your bridal party. A place to browse for gorgeous things from wonderful wedding suppliers with an eclectic mix of fabulous products, meaning that there really is something for every style of bride and wedding! 
The *Mission Tie The Knot* website is super easy to use and will leave you swooning over the many magnificent possibilities for your wedding day. The only problem you might have is a rather large wishlist! I adore the fact that suppliers are hand picked according to a winning formula: passion; great products; excellent photography; first-rate customer service and uniqueness. 
The team behind *Mission Tie The Knot* really have got it spot on in every way and their real life experience of wedding shopping and all its issues has made this venture the perfect combination of innovation, creativity and practicality. They even aim to tackle one of the biggest wedding frustrations known to brides all over the world… falling in love with a picture on Pinterest but not knowing where to find it!! 
It is such a privilege to feature such a wedding planning gem and I know that you lovely readers are going to fall in love with *Mission Tie The Knot* just as I have!
© Mission Tie The Knot

© Mission Tie The Knot

Today’s *Pearls of Wedding Wisdom* are from the fabulous team behind *Mission Tie The Knot*…
*How did Mission Tie The Knot begin?*
To cut a long story short, Mission Tie the Knot was started by two (slightly mad) old friends from university who got married the same summer and were not ready to leave the world of weddings behind. *Mission Tie the Knot* was Irene’s brain child and one day in the pouring rain at Spitalfields Market she shared her dream with Francesca. And since that day they haven’t looked back.
Irene is an ex-city lawyer and the super-organised one of us (surprise, surprise). For her wedding in August 2014, she made a 22-page wedding itinerary and had 10 copies printed and bound for her bridesmaids and ushers. Guess what the title of that itinerary was? That’s right… Mission Tie the Knot!
In the UK, hiring a wedding planner is not commonplace and couples are left to do most of the organising themselves. When Irene was planning her wedding, she wished that there was a website where she could just buy everything in one place. She loved Etsy, but shipping from the USA takes too long and the hunt through thousands of products was a daunting task. So, Irene thought, wouldn’t it be great if there was a wedding marketplace solely for weddings based in the UK!
Then along came Francesca. She just had to be involved after overhearing Irene’s interrogation of unsuspecting stallholders over the need for an online wedding marketplace in the UK. Not only were the stallholders excited by this idea but Francesca was captivated. Before we knew it we were bouncing ideas off each other. That was the day that Francesca and Irene decided to build *Mission Tie the Knot* together. Two days later, Francesca had designed the *Mission Tie the Knot* logo and the journey began.
© Mission Tie The Knot

© Mission Tie The Knot

*Please describe Mission Tie The Knot in 3 words* 
Friendly (approachable) |  Fussy (on behalf of our brides) | Mould-breaking 
 *What is unique about Mission Tie the Knot?* 
We want to see a world where weddings mean discovering your perfect day. With everything a couple could need all in one place, hand picked with love, we aim to take the stress out of weddings. We have ‘I do’ shoe stickers, temporary tattoos for hen parties, alternative guest books, insanely cool bridesmaid gifts and jaw-dropping bejeweled bagssparkly shoes and so much more… 
We have devoted all of our time to building an easy-to-use website and handpicking only the sellers whose products we love for an uncluttered shopping experience! Ta dah – here we are, and our mission has only just begun! 
*How does Mission Tie the Knot work?* 
*Mission Tie the Knot* is a boutique marketplace where we have handpicked thousands of unique products which customers can buy directly from our sellers. We only invite sellers with the best unique products that meet our high standards. We also have an application process that sellers can apply to us through and we will then consider. 
*What can Mission Tie the Knot offer to wedding planning couples?* 
An uncluttered shopping experience to save the busy couple their precious time! We understand the time-constraints of the planning bride, that is why we give a delivery estimate for every product on our site. We pride ourselves on our customer service as we want to be as helpful as possible to our brides and grooms. No robots here, just organisation obsessed ex-brides! 
*How many suppliers sell on the MTTK marketplace?* 
We currently have 70 sellers and thousands of unique products with more being added each week. We love watching how fast our range of products is growing and we also have sellers applying to join us which is very exciting. 
*How do you select your sellers?* 
Sheer excitement plays a major role in our selection of sellers! If the ‘ooh’ level is high then we know they are perfect for *Mission Tie the Knot*. The wedding signs that tug on our heartstrings and the pearl heeled shoes that have us reaching for our credit cards make every day of seller seeking so much fun. 
So we look for unique, high quality products from sellers that brides do not even know exist or even need until now. 
*What are your top tips for couples sourcing products from Mission Tie the Knot?* 
Make sure you read our product delivery time estimates. We have all bought something last minute! A lot of our products are made-to-order and made by hand, and therefore it may take longer than brides expect! 
Make sure you enter the correct information for our personalised items e.g. your names and wedding date as this is exactly what our Sellers will put on your ordered products. You would be surprised how many people spell their own surnames wrong! 
*What are your top 3 products that every bride should have?* 
Show-stopping wedding shoes (Vital) | Stunning hairpieces | Pampering products such as our calming aromatherapy Scented Therapy Balm 
*What advice do you have for couples wedding planning?* 
Irene’s advice: ‘With good planning you can eliminate your worries – plan for every eventuality. There is nothing you can’t achieve by being organised!’ 
Francesca’s advice: ‘Throw a good party for your guests but don’t forget yourselves. Invest in the things that stay with you beyond your wedding day like your photographer. When the details of your day start to blur, good photos are so important!’ 
A huge thanks to *Mission Tie The Knot* for today’s *Pearls of Wedding Wisdom*. We will be featuring some of the fabulous products of *Mission Tie The Knot* soon! 
*Email: wedding@missiontietheknot 
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