*What’s In A Name? Table Name Inspiration*

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Goodbye table numbers, hello well-thought out table names!

More couples than ever are really paying attention to detail when planning their wedding and one such way is to carefully select the name for each table. 

When we got married, we named each of our tables after our favourite places that we had been to together, and as my husband works in the travel industry, this seemed very apt! We had almost 200 guests and a lot of tables, so we were not stuck for choice. It is important to make sure your theme has a suitable number of table name options for the amount of tables that you will need.

If travel isn’t your thing, then do not worry at all, as there are lots of themes that your tables can be named after/inspired by. Something that is a shared interest, passion or brings back meaningful and happy memories is always a great place to start! These can be filled with sentiment or just for fun!

Ice Cream Table Names

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*Sparkle Pearls and Lace* has plenty of table name inspiration for you:

Album TitlesAncient Gods & GoddessesAnimals Artists Authors Bands Beaches Birds | Board GamesBook Titles | Bond Films Bridges Butterflies Cakes | Car Makes/ModelsCartoon Characters | CerealsCharacters in a Book/Film/Play/TV ShowClassical Music | Cloud Names | Colleges at University | ComposersCheesesCitiesColoursCocktails | Counties | Couples You AdmireChildhood TV ProgrammesChocolatesCoordinates Of Special PlacesCountriesCurrenciesDessertsDisney Films | Fairground Rides | FairytalesFamily MembersFamous Duos | Fashion DesignersFestivalsFilmsFlowers | FoodsFont Names | FruitsGemsHerbsHeroes & HeroinesHistorical FiguresHollywood IconsHoneymoon DestinationsIce Cream FlavoursInspirational FiguresKings and QueensLandmarksLatin Names for Plants/AnimalsLondon SpotsLettersLove QuotesLove In Different LanguagesMovie Quotes | MuseumsMusicalsNational ParksOlympic Medallists | Olympic SportsPaintingsPeriods of HistoryPlants | PlaysPoetry LyricsPrecious MetalsPub NamesRecipes | Restaurant NamesRetro SweetsRiversShapes | Significant Dates | SingersSong Lyrics Song Names | Sporting EventsSports TeamsStreetsToysTreesTube Stations | TV Shows | VegetablesVintage CarsWines

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Did you name your tables? If so, what were they named after, I would love to hear?!


Klee x

2 thoughts on “*What’s In A Name? Table Name Inspiration*

  1. Alison says:

    This is fantastic, we have just decided to name our tables now – probably our favourite ice creams, as our first date was at an ice cream parlour! Thanks :)

  2. Sparkle Pearls and Lace says:

    Hi Alison, so glad you enjoyed the post and what a lovely idea to honour your first date! There are so many fabulous ice cream flavours to choose from, you won’t have a problem with variety. Please send us a picture of your table names, would love to see them! Klee x

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