*The Best Cinema Experiences*

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The cinema is such a fabulous location for a *Dreamy Date* or a *Heavenly Hen Party* and we have our pick of the best for the most fantastic cinema experiences.

*Backyard Cinema*

This charming cosy cinema is all about the cinema experience with their motto ‘More than just the movies’. Their next spectacle will be at Winterville where an indoor cinema will be set amidst an enchanted forest. For more information, please see *Backyard Cinema*

©Backyard Cinema

*Drive In Cinema*

Re-creating the golden days of the drive-in movies like in ‘Grease’, this is a great night out. Park your car, put an order in with a rollerskating waitress/waiter, tune your radio to the movie frequency and voila, you can watch a film from the comfort of your car! For more information, please see *Drive In Film Club*

©Drive In Film Club

*Edible Cinema*

‘See the Film, Taste the Film’ is the motto of the Edible Cinema. A delightful culinary experience, in which you get to combine a great film with some scrummy food. Definitely one for the foodies! “Each guest is supplied with a tray of numbered mystery boxes containing a bite-sized tasting menu tailored to specific moments in the film.” For more information, please see *Edible Cinema*

©Edible Cinema

*Floating Cinema*

This totally unique cinema is aboard a restored boat and moves up and down the canals of the UK mooring up to show a film whilst the audience gathers along the banks. With a viewing deck and bar on board, the barge can also be hired for parties of 12 to show a private screening, which would be fab for a hen party. For more information, please see *Floating Cinema*

*Hot Tub Cinema*

Guaranteed to be a fun night, the novel hot tub cinema prides itself on ‘great films, amazing spaces and lots of hot tubs’. This would be lots of fun to get your girls together with some chic bikinis and some champers. For more information, please see *Hot Tub Cinema*

©Hot Tub Cinema

*Hotel Cinema*

Experience your own private cinema in this swanky and opulent room at The Sanctum Soho Hotel. Complete with bar, this would be fabulous for a girls night out. For more information please see *The Sanctum Soho*

©The Sanctum Soho Hotel

*Lido Cinema*

One of the more unusual venues on the Luna Cinema calendar is Brockwell Lido. Premium ticket holders get the pleasure of sitting in an inflatable dinghy in the swimming pool with the rest of the seating being poolside. For more information, please see *The Luna Cinema*

©The Luna Cinema

*Outdoor Cinema*

The largest and most diverse open air cinema in the UK is hosted by the Luna Cinema. Their impressive list of outdoor cinema venues include castles, gardens, palaces, parks and racecourses, which are perfect for finding a lovely spot and taking a picnic. For more information, please see *The Luna Cinema*

©The Luna Cinema

*Pillow Cinema*

The Pillow Cinema is like a giant slumber party described as ‘The cosiest ‘night in’ night out’. Giant bean bags and soft blankets are provided for a super cosy night for you to snuggle up and enjoy a film. For more information, please see *Pillow Cinema*

©Pillow Cinema

*Pop Up Cinema Screens*

An all-year round cinema experience at some fantastic venues. Lots of seasonally themed movies also, including a fright fest of films at halloween and lots of feel good flicks at Christmas. For more information, please see *Pop Up Screens*

©Pop Up Screens

*Restaurant Cinema*

This luxury Odeon cinema offers the opportunity of ordering food and drinks to be delivered right to your seat. Described as ‘A night at the movies with a luxury twist’, this would be a great night out combining a film and dinner. For more information, please see  *The Odeon Lounge*

©The Odeon Cinema

*Retro Cinema*

The independent boutique Everyman cinemas were developed on the premise that “Cinema should make you forget you are sitting in a theatre”. These fabulous cinemas have locations in Birmingham, London, Leeds and Winchester and  certainly create an entertaining and comfortable experience. For more information, please see *Everyman Cinema*

©Everyman Cinemas

*Rooftop Cinema*

“Screening classic, cult and new releases on London’s finest rooftops”, the Rooftop Film Club is a wonderful experience perfect for a date or getting your girls together. Comfy chairs, wireless headphones, tasty snacks, tempting cocktails, great films all set with an impressive London skyline backdrop. For more information, please see *Rooftop Film Club*

©Rooftop Film Club

*Scary Cinema*

The Masonic temple has been opened up for screenings of a whole host of classic horror and mystery films. For more information, please see *Temple Cinema*

©Temple Cinema

*Secret Cinema*

This unique cinema experience brings together performers and audience with this interactive cinematic spectacle. You are given characters, attend in themed costume and watch a mixture of live performances and movie scenes. They encourage visitors to Tell No-One” to ensure surprises are not spoiled. For more information, please see *Secret Cinema*

©Secret Cinema

*Silent Cinema*

Described as ‘The perfect private-public cinema experience’, you can watch a film at a great location but with your individual wireless headset. Their locations are most definitely unique, including graveyards and multi-storey car parks. For more information, please see *Silent Cinema*

©Silent Cinema

*Singalong Cinema*

Perfect for a hen party would be the fabulous programme of singalong films at the Prince Charles Cinema in London. Fantastic films with incredible soundtracks, including Dirty Dancing, Frozen, Grease and Moulin Rouge are prepared with the lyrics on the screen for you to join in. There’s a fancy dress competition and even a vocal warm up for you to get into the swing of things. For more information, please see *Prince Charles Cinema*

©Prince Charles Cinema

*Underground Cinema*

A cosy cinema experience perfect for winter evenings located in the Vaults of Waterloo Station. Showing an eclectic mix of Christmas classic, new releases and cult phenomenon, there is something for everyone. For more information, please see *Underground Film Club*

©Underground Film Club

*Vintage Cinema*

The Rex cinema at Berkhamstead has been described as ‘Britain’s most beautiful cinema’ with its beautiful art deco interior. This luxurious cinema would be perfect for a glitz and glam night out or a vintage-inspired hen party. Drinks are available and there is waitress/waiter service downstairs among the candlelit tables. It has brought back the glamour and taken out the commercialism of going to the pictures, which is refreshing to see. For more information, please see *The Rex Cinema*

©The Rex Berkhamstead

Hope you enjoy a night at the movies! 


Klee x