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We are talking unusual and aromatic wedding favours today with the fantastic *Spice Kitchen*

You will know by now how much I love to find unique and unusual wedding suppliers and today’s wedding supplier is utterly charming! *Spice Kitchen* began over a family dinner and is now a thriving business, run by Sanjay Aggarwal and his parents. This is testimony to the love and care that the Aggarwal family put into the business with their charming tagline, ‘Sold With Love’.  The initial idea behind *Spice Kitchen* was to pass on the wonderful knowledge that Sanjay’s mum, Shashi had acquired over the years, through her love of cooking and the cherished family recipes that she used. This kind of heritage and passion for cooking is what makes *Spice Kitchen* unique. I particularly admire their Reduce, Reuse & Recycle policy, including their use of disused boxes to package their spice tins.

To read more about their incredible story, please see the article written about them on *Business Zone*

*Spice Kitchen* have the most fantastic range of high quality and home ground spices, which are sourced carefully from around the world. Using spices is such a fantastic enhancement to cooking and I think the fabulous products that *Spice Kitchen* have created would feature perfectly at a wedding. Their beautifully packaged spices or tea blends would make for perfect wedding favours – their organza bags and cork bottles are just lovely and would look great on a table. I also really adore the spice jars and tins and think these would make fantastic wedding presents – something practical that can actually be used, rather than just something that looks pretty. With the added bonus of the spice tins looking lovely also, this would be a perfect present to give the bride and groom to celebrate their wedding day! It is hard to choose a favourite from the marvellous array of products but I love the wooden spice box – I would have loved to receive this as a wedding present!

To see some of the delightful products on offer, which would make fabulous wedding favours or would be perfect as gifts for the bride and groom, please see below:

Masala Chai Wedding Favours | Indian Spice Tin | Moroccan Spice Tin | Wooden Spice Box | Spice Jars | Custom Spiced Tea Infusion | Mulled Wine Blends | International Spice Blend | Homegrown Curry Leaves |  Tea In Cork Bottle Favours

Sanjay & Shashi of *Spice Kitchen* have kindly provided today’s *Pearls of Wedding Wisdom*

*Please describe Spice Kitchen in 3 words*
Unique, Experts, Family-Heritage

*What makes Spice Kitchen unique?*
It is a family run business, very much linked to our family heritage and the knowledge my mum has gained over the years. We use authentic methods of production and we focus on quality, fresh ingredients.

*Could you please tell us about your delightful products?*
We specialise in spices and teas. As well as Spice Tins containing all your favourite spices, we now sell wedding favours.

*How could Spice Kitchen feature at a wedding?*
We have developed a unique cork and bottle which can be filled with some very high quality teas or spice blends.

 *Which of your products would you recommend for a wedding gift for the bride and groom?*
We have various spice tins with silk covers and they contain all the spices you need to cook high quality meals.

* How far in advance of the wedding should order be made?*
We prefer 2-3 weeks lead time but we can create your favours overnight if needed.

*Can your products be posted all over the UK?*
Yes and internationally.

A huge thanks to Sanjay and Shashi for providing today’s *Pearls of Wedding Wisdom*


*Website: www.spicekitchenuk.com

*Email: Contact Spice Kitchen

*Social Media: Facebook Instagram Pinterest Twitter


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