*5 Things To Consider When Booking Your Wedding Entertainment*

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It’s Fri-Yay and we are talking wedding entertainment with the fabulous Warble Entertainment.

Wedding entertainment is most definitely the key to ensuring that your guests have a wonderful time and you have a spectacular day. Our fab friends and entertainment experts over at  *Warble Entertainment* have put together some fantastic advice for you lovelies for booking your wedding entertainment.

Wedding Entertainment Tips | Written by Sam McGowan | Warble Entertainment


*5 Things To Consider When Booking Your Wedding Entertainment*

Have you ever booked a live band before? Or spoken to a living statue about where he should position himself? Okay, maybe you booked yourself a Mr T lookalike for your last birthday celebration? The likelihood is, you’ve probably never done any of those things and unless you just happen to be in the entertainment industry yourself, why on earth would you?  Booking entertainment really can be stress free if you know where to start, so here’s a helping hand to point you in the right direction.

*Early Bird*

Booking entertainment early is key to finding the perfect act, just like any other wedding supplier… any high quality and popular act will book up fast. It’s always recommended that you book your entertainment 12 – 18 months in advance to make sure you get just what you are after.


There are all kinds of acts for all kinds of budgets, so don’t panic if you are doing your best to plan a low budget wedding as there really is something for everyone. Entertainment can make a huge difference to your day for so many reasons, so it’s certainly not something to be cutting corners on. For example, if you’ve found yourself an 8 piece band for £400, you might want to find out why it’s such a bargain. Do a bit of research into what your ideas will cost you so you can consider this in your final wedding budget.


Whatever you do, make sure both yourself and your chosen act signs on the dotted line. Any professional entertainment agency or act will have contracts for all of their bookings so that both parties can commit to your date. It’s a big day for you and your partner and having your entertainment send you a text to say ‘Sorry I can’t make it’ is the last thing you want to be hearing.

*Venue Requirements*

This can be super important when choosing your venue. If you’re having a festival themed wedding and music is going to play a huge part to your day, you won’t want to book a venue with a noise limiter. Ask your venue if they have any restrictions or rules to booking entertainment and they will point you in the right direction. When it comes to booking the entertainment itself, make sure you check the act is able to perform to their best whilst keeping in with your venue’s policy.


Any professional entertainment agency or act will be easy to get hold of. When it comes to your wedding the last thing you want is to be chasing answers or struggling to get hold of them at all. Anything you can do to make your day worry-free is a winner so have as many contact details as you can and if you feel uneasy at any point, maybe they’re not for you.

And there we have it, a few sure fire ways to make sure you end up with the perfect entertainment for that amazing day of yours. 

A huge thanks to the lovely Sam at *Warble Entertainment* for providing us with such great advice about booking wedding entertainment.


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